Panchang in Hindu astrology or in Indian Vedic astrology is a sort of Hindu Almanac, which means "Five limbs", panchang acts as astrological diary that gives useful astrological information that are required for the astrologer. Panchang are used for the purpose of selecting an appropriate auspicious time for important occasions, ceremonies, marriages, travel, starting a new business or during the time of interview. Panchang are mainly used for the purpose of matching the current position of the planets with position of the planets in a person's astrological chart so as to find out astrological good days and time for the person.

Panchang is an elaborated Hindu calender and almanac that resorts to the traditional units of the Indian Vedic scriptures tom provide relevant information to the astrologer for them to forecast about auspicious and inauspicious time frames and celestial occurances for determine accurate time for occasions such as career, education and travel. There are five popular meanings of panchangam first Vedic astrologer meaning five attributes including tithi, nakshtra, yoga, karana and var.

Today's panchang

Today's panchang are used for the purpose of calculating the tithi, karan, vaar, yog and nakshatra of a particular day or week. Today’s panchang also provides monthly panchang which includes important time and dates. Hindu festivals are also based upon panchang or the position of moon and nakshatra.

Today’s horoscope

Today’s horoscope tells about how the stars are going to create an impact on life, furthermore it is also used to predict and examine the future of the people.

Importance of panchang

The Importance of panchang becomes important as because most of the Hindus refers to the panchang which provides them proper knowledge about the duration of time and date. During the time of auspicious occasions such as marriage, career and business panchang are referred.