Kundli is referred to as the astrological chart, which are created on basis of the exact birth date, time and place of an individual. The chart in Kundli denotes the positions of various planets which includes sun, moon, angles and astrological aspects at time of one’s birth. Kundli’s are often prepared by proficient astrologer so as to gain insight into an individual’s potential, personality, present, past and future. Kundli's are often used for the purpose of fixing marriages in terms of determining compatibility between the groom and bride where 36 gunas are verified.

Benefits of the Kundli

Kundli's are beneficial in terms of calculating the birth date, time and location, furthermore astrologers also study kundli to predict about future and guide one to improve their life. Kundli’s also helps in identifying the nature, finances, character, health and relationship and several other aspects of life. Moreover, Kundli will also help an individual in discovering the most suitable academic field and profession and achieve desired success in life. Kundli’s are also beneficial as because it helps in predicting most opportune and unfavorable time frames in one’s life. Therefore, Kundli helps in providing a deep insight about various events in life.