What number of sons and daughters lord krishna have

  • 27 Nov 2019
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What number of Sons And Daughters Did Lord Krishna Have


What number of children of Lord Krishna? Expertise numerous children and little girls lorded Krishna have. This post is about Lord Krishna children and little girls name list, including Lord Krishna child Samba and Lord Krishna family tree.


What number of Sons Of Lord Krishna


Lord Krishna had 8 Queens and 80 children. The 8 sovereigns were Rukmini, Satyabhama, Kalindi, Lakshmana, Bhadra, Nagnajiti, Jambavati, and Mitravinda.

Following are the names of 80 children of Lord Krishna from these spouses:


  1. Rukmini: Charu, Charu Deshna, Charudeha, Charuchandra, Bhadracharu, Vicharu, Sudeshna, Sucharu, Charugupta, and Pradyumna.
  2. Satyabhama: Bhanu, Swabhanu, Subhanu, Bhanumaan, Prabhanu, Atibhanu, Pratibhanu, Shribhanu, Bruhadbhanu, and Chandrabhanu.
  3. Kalindi: Kavi, Subahu, Shanti, Purnamas, Vrush, Somak, Veer, Bhadra, Shrut, and Darsh.
  4. Lakshmana: Prabal, Bal, Oja, Sah, Aparajit, Prabodh, Simha, Gatravaan, Mahashakti, and Urdhvag.
  5. Bhadra: Satyak, Shoor, Arijit, Vaam, Jay, Aayu, Sangramjit, Praharan, Bruhatsen, and Subhadra.
  6. Nagnajiti: Kunti, Vegavaan, Aam, Veer, Vasu, Ashwasen, Vrush, Shanku, Chandra, and Chitragu.
  7. Jambavati: Vijay, Krutu, Samba, Sumitra, Dravin, Shatajit, Purujit, Vasuman, Shasrajit, and Chitraketu.
  8. Mitravinda: Harsh, Kshudhi, Anand, Vruk, Mahash, Paavan, Anil, Varddhan, Vanhi, and Grudhra.


Of all these, Pradyumna and Samba, were two most celebrated ones.




Pradyumna is the name of a character in the Srimad Bhagavatam. He was the child of Lord Krishna and Rukmini. Pradyumna is considered as one of the four vyuha symbols of Vishnu. As per a few records, Pradyumna was a manifestation of Kamadeva, the lord of adoration. Pradyumna is additionally a name of the Hindu god Vishnu. He is one out of 24 Keshava Namas (names), adulated in all pujas. It is additionally the main name in Sanskrit with all the 3 letters joint.

The Harivamsa depicts complex connections between Krishna Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha that would later shape a Vaishnava idea of essential quadrupled extension, or symbol.

Pradyumna was child of Lord Krishna and 61st grandson of Adinarayan. His mom was Rukmini, whom Lord Krishna got from her dad Bhishmaka and sibling Rukmi. Pradyumna was conceived in Dvaraka. He was the manifest of god Kamdev. In the Satya Yuga, Kamdev was scorched by Shiva when he turned into an obstruction to Shiva's reflection. Shiva favored Kamdev's upset spouse, Rati and guaranteed her that in his next birth Kamdev will be a piece of Krishna and Rati will be the little girl of Rukmi and that she will wed him. At the point when he was an infant, he was snatched by the evil presence Sambara. He was then cast into the ocean and gulped by a fish, yet that fish was gotten and conveyed to the place of Sambara. The fish was opened and the youngster was found inside. He was given to a lady in Sambara's home to raise.

Shiva with his better half Parvati favor Krishna to have a child, who was named Samba.


Narada educated her about the genuine character regarding the kid. When Pradyumna grew up, he combat the evil presence Sambara and executed him utilizing the Vaishnavastra. Not long after Pradyumna turned into a steady friend of his dad Krishna and was popular with the individuals of Dvaraka. Pradyumna was a forceful Maharathi warrior. He had the incredibly uncommon Vaishnavastra which is the most dominant weapon known to man. Additionally he was one of the not many individuals to know the mystery of the Chakra Vyuha. As indicated by Mahabharata, Pradyumna prepared Abhimanyu and Upapandavas in fighting.

In any case, Pradyumna didn't take an interest in the Kurukshetra War as he went on a journey with his uncle Balarama and different yadavas.

Pradyumna was later executed in an inebriated fight at Dvaraka that brought about the demise of most Yadava warriors.




Samba was a child of Krishna, the Hindu god, and Jambavati. His stepbrother was Pradyumna. His activities, brought about by outrage, finished the Yadu administration.

In the first century BC, there is by all accounts proof for a love of five Vrishni legends (Balarama, Krishna, Pradyumna, Aniruddha and Samba), because of an engraving found at Mora close Mathura, which clearly makes reference to a child of the incredible satrap Rajuvula, likely the satrap Sodasa, and a picture of Vrishni, "most likely Vasudeva, and of the "Five Warriors".

Samba ridicules the sages by claiming to be a pregnant lady.

The Mahabharata and the Devi Bhagavata Purana portray the account of the introduction of Samba. Jambavati was miserable when she understood that solitary she had not brought into the world any youngsters to Krishna while every single other spouse were honored with numerous kids. She moved toward Krishna to see an answer and as favored with a child like the attractive Pradyumna, Krishna's first-conceived child. At that point Krishna went to the seclusion of the sage Upamanyu in the Himalayas and as prompted by the savvy, he began to implore the god Shiva. He did atonement for a half year in different stances; when holding a skull and a bar, at that point remaining on one leg just in the following month and making due on water just, during the third month he did retribution remaining on his toes and living on air as it were.

Satisfied with the severities, Shiva at last showed up before Krishna as Samba, (Ardhanarishvara) the half-female, half-male type of the god, requested that he ask a help. Krishna at that point looked for a child from Jambavati, which was allowed. A child was conceived before long who was named as Samba, the structure Shiva had showed up before Krishna.

Samba looked precisely like master Krishna and ruler Krishna showed him all his leelas and became famous and shrewd like krishna' more youthful days. Later Samba assumed an instrumental job in the obliteration of yadu line.