Venus in Astrology

  • 25 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri



venus in astrology

The strength of the lady like is communicated best through Venus, the leader of Taurus and Libra, associated with all issue and our home planet. It speaks to our capacity to adore, discover excellence in everything throughout everyday life, and make the most of our physical presence while making a fine offset involved with others. Its key capacity is to make excellence and give us where to search for it, and when in association with baneful powers, it will talk about an inclination to discover magnificence in hardship and encounters that the vast majority would perceive as negative. It is the planet of joy, physical and passionate, and has little to do with reason and sound judgment, particularly when it is magnified and set in the indication of Pisces – the indication of Mercury's fall.

Planet Venus


Venus is the hottest planet in the solar framework, despite the fact that it isn't nearest to the Sun, on account of its exceptionally thick environment that makes an outrageous nursery impact. It is home for more volcanoes than whatever other planet, which gets it a mind boggling association with the celestial imagery of Pluto. Because of its nearness to Earth, it is viewed as the most splendid of the planets in the sky, and to add to that, it is the main planet named after a female figure. This puts a solid emphasize on its female job, and other than our intelligent satellite – the Moon, we will perceive how uncommon are the heavenly bodies in our diagrams that can be connected to our ladylike side. Venus is a woman among planets, turning the other way than a large portion of them, and hazed by thick mists that don't enable its surface to remember anything past it.


Venus in Astrology


Much the same as the planet itself would persuade, its glow and environment will distract you and make you feel hazed, in adoration, smashed on feeling, or reliant on nourishment, individuals, and a wide range of desensitizing, unwinding, or even stimulating substances. In the event that we bounce out of sight balance, experiencing emotional episodes and changes of heart, in spite of the fact that this is for the most part credited to the Moon, you can be certain it is the matter of Venus as well. Its principle job is to adjust our whole presence, while driving our body to a fair hormonal status and helping us sense what we have to devour so as to remain wonderful and solid.

Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, two signs that experience issues tolerating one another, one being viable and physical deeply, and the other went to expressive magnificence, appearance in others, and all that we need to be seen. The primary clash of utilization and reasonableness with present and external magnificence is covered up in Venus, and we ought to consistently inquire as to whether there is a side to it we need request to adjust its internal natures. Venus is the goddess of affection and sentiment, both arousing physical love, and non-romantic, inaccessible perfect of it. It is a resting wonder as much as it is a whore, and she is the one to understand that ethics and commitment have nothing to do with affection, energy, or creation.




While the best appearance of Venus is appeared on a passionate level, it will likewise talk about our self-esteem, cash, banks, adornments and desserts. Taurus Venus will talk about pasta while Libra Venus will discuss chocolate, and when consolidated, we get joys of various types, to taste, feel, and sense with our whole body and soul. It is a planet of faculties – contact, taste and smell basically, and it will draw out the adoration for specific things in our lives. The setting of Venus in sign and house will talk about things that move and move us, just as those we feel and identify with through affection and commitment.

Venus is our capacity to love, feel and move easily and adaptability, and our capacity to win, profit, esteeming our very own characters and characters of others. When tested, it will transform us into pundits, towards others and ourselves, and make us unsatisfied and unthankful when we ought to grasp existence with the entirety of the blessings it has for us. It is our sluggish nature, our capacity to appreciate time spent moving, singing, or just that time we spend on our agreeable love seat, eating frozen yogurt. Nourishment, strategy and politeness appear to be its basic concerns.

On the off chance that you need to discover the planet responsible for your marriage or finding the affection for your life, you will watch Venus. While numerous crystal gazers may concur that seriously harmed Venus can't ever discover the capacity to trust it has the right to be cherished, much the same as other individual planets issues of Venus can be chipped away at and fixed to some level. Pick your preferred fragrance, your preferred rose, and purchase a present for somebody you love and don't anticipate anything consequently. Go to workmanship and design in their most enlivened structure or possibly allow for indulgent joys each day. Work on your adaptability, both in the physical and relational domain, and understand that there is nothing halting you as you continued looking for adoration, fulfillment, excellence, want, and aesthetic articulation in any conceivable structure. While you're grinding away – move and sing, each day, and the world will pick up hues you never knew existed.

REMEDIES for Venus   


Venus is the karaka of magnificence, not simply in the physical sense. It empowers you to see excellence in all things and value all that is choice and beautiful around you. This is the reason Venus is unequivocally connected with expressions, inventiveness, extravagances, and physical appeal. Individuals brought into the world with a solid Venus, particularly in Ascendant have an attractive allure. Venus likewise invests the local with riches and wealth.

At the point when Venus is negative in a horoscope, it gives skin issues and issues in offspring and proliferation to the two people. Such individuals may battle to carry their relationships to realization. Additionally, it might likewise cause contrasts with your female accomplice and children. Such individuals experience the ill effects of inordinate sluggishness during daytime. This likewise gives extreme sexual vitality, enthusiasm for arousing quality and extra conjugal undertakings. People under the adverse effect of Venus may likewise pursue atypical patterns as far as their sexuality. It is imperative to rehearse healing measures to quiet this present planet's negative impacts. Here are some compelling solutions for Venus that may help.


Vedic Remedies for Venus


  1. You ought to abstain from taking blessings from others or anything for nothing.
  2. Offering desserts to bereft ladies or young ladies is likewise an incredible solution for Venus.
  3. On the off chance that you give unadulterated dairy animals ghee to any strict place and start utilizing it routinely in your own kitchen, it truly quiets down Venus'
  4. You should utilize scents and silver trimmings.
  5. You could recite mantra of planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha for multiple times every day.
  6. You could likewise recite Om measure dreem droum sah shukraya namah.
  7. On Friday, you should give white nourishment or trimmings to destitute little youngsters
  8. Pouring white blossoms in a stream additionally helps quiet Venus
  9. Those affected by a feeble Venus in horoscope ought to never rehash their garments without washing first. Wearing unwashed garments could irritate the negative outcomes.
  10. You could likewise light a camphor light day by day at night inside house to wipe out the antagonism.


Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus


  1. Keeping a square silver thing in your wallet or handbag additionally demonstrates accommodating in keeping the antagonism of Venus to the base.
  2. You ought to likewise sustain dark bovine or ponies consistently.
  3. Individuals brought into the world with powerless or malefic Venus in horoscope ought to likewise request mother's gifts at whatever point they venture out from home.
  4. Another successful solution for Venus is to be devoted to your sweetheart or companion.