Vastu shastra for study room

  • 16 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri


 Vastu Compliant Study Room


One of the most indispensable attributes – or favoring, I should state – which recognizes people from different species on this planet is the way toward learning. You know, the way toward learning – or picking up information – happens by means of various strategies, for example, perusing or considering, watching, doing, hearing and numerous other physical and even otherworldly means.

For the extent of this article, I might want you to focus on the first – and most ordinarily pursued – strategy for learning for example "Contemplating".

Examining needs a great deal of consideration, fixation and center; likewise, this strategy for adapting needs – or requests – a spot where one sits with a quiet, made and receptive outlook – a spot where the getting a handle on intensity of psyche is expanded; a spot which builds maintenance intensity of mind; a spot where one is agreeable and can think about undisturbed;


This spot is the thing that you call a "Study Room".

study room

Here, I expect that you are as of now mindful of vastu shastra. In the event that you are not, at that point I recommend you to peruse the article which uncovers to you the working information – science – of vastu shastra.

You have a committed spot – or room – for every single action that your perform in your home, in a similar way you should have an examination room where you – or your kids – can focus on picking up information.


To put what tops off an already good thing, ensure that the investigation room in your house is vastu agreeable so that while contemplating, the fixation and center are honed and the way toward picking up – and in any event, holding – the information turns out to be simple.


How Might You Achieve a Vastu Compliant Study Room?


The procedure to make an investigation room a vastu consistent one is a two stage – however extremely simple – process. The initial step to make your examination room vastu agreeable is to find it according to rules and rules of vastu shastra.

To help you on this – initial step – I have made a picture which uncovers to you the best area to make an examination room.

Study Room Vastu Shastra Tips

vastu shastra for study room



Having seen the picture, I expect that you presently comprehend that the best area to make an examination room is the west segment of your home. Nonetheless – because of any explanation – on the off chance that the west segment of the house is inaccessible, at that point you can make the examination room in north-east corner or east part of home.

The second – and the last – step that you have to take to make your investigation room a vastu agreeable one is to peruse and apply vastu tips and rules.

I have ordered a rundown of all examination room vastu tips for you. Experience them, individually.


Study Room Vastu Tips


  1. Spot study room in West, East or North-East of a home.
  2. Understudy, while perusing must face either East or North bearing.
  3. Give windows in learning territory in East, North or West divider.
  4. Give entryways of study room in North-East, North, East or West.
  5. Keep away from entryways in South-East, North-West and South-West corners of Study Room.
  6. Try not to sit underneath shaft while perusing.
  7. Study spot ought to have sufficient measure of light.
  8. Understudy ought not to confront clear divider or window while learning.
  9. Space among understudy and divider in front encourages open mindset and new thoughts ring a bell.
  10. A strong divider behind understudy implies support.
  11. Evade toilets in study place quite far.
  12. Give a washroom in understanding room.
  13. Give book rack or book rack in East or North mass of understanding zone.
  14. In the event that books are kept in South-West corner, at that point they stay immaculate.
  15. The books kept in North-West corner gets taken by somebody.
  16. The book rack ought to never be situated over or above investigation table.
  17. Utilize square or rectangular examination table for best outcomes.
  18. On the off chance that review table is rectangular, at that point, length:breadth ought to consistently be not exactly or equivalent to 1:2 e.g in the event that the length of concentrate table is 4 foot, at that point have expansiveness between 2 to 8 feet.
  19. Keep the examination table a few inches (at any rate an inch) away from divider.
  20. Vastu for perusing room proposes that room ought to have pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.
  21. On the off chance that understudy utilizes a table light, at that point place the light in South-East corner of concentrate table.
  22. You can keep a PC in South-East corner of study place.
  23. Putting a pyramid in study place adjusts energies expands memory control.
  24. Mount a pendulum clock on North Wall of study region.
  25. Utilize light and mitigating hues for dividers.
  26. Keep the examination place mess and clamor free.

Expectation above investigation room Vastu Shastra tips encourages you to pick up certainty and focus in ponders.