Vastu for Bedroom

  • 15 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Bedroom Vastu – How to Make It Vastu Compliant


Vastu for Bedroom is significant as room is the spot for security and all out unwinding. A room is where we resign after strenuous day's business to unwind and have a sound rest to pick up vitality for the following day. Vastu Shastra for Bedroom has been given a high need and centrality.

According to Bedroom Vastu Shastra adequate shapes for are square or rectangular.

Presently, in the event that in the event that the room is rectangular, at that point according to room Vastu Shastra, sensible length to expansiveness proportion is less or equivalent to 1:2 for example in the event that the length is 20 foot, at that point the expansiveness lies between 10 feet to 40 feet.

From the beneath picture we can see the perfect spot of rooms for various individuals from the family.

vastu for bedroom

Room Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra Bedroom Tips are given underneath:

According to Vastu for Master Bedroom, it ought to consistently be in the South-West corner of the home and leader of the family should involve this room.

  1. The main room ought to consistently be greater than different rooms of the In the event that the house is multi-story, at that point main room in the South-West corner of the highest floor is ideal. Ideal place for bed in main room is towards South or West divider, so that while dozing the individual's head is towards South or West and legs towards North or East.


  1. Bearings for Sleeping in room according to Vastu Shastra:-
  • Laying down with legs towards the east gives name, notoriety and wealth.
  • Laying down with legs towards the west gives mental amicability and increases affection for mysticism.
  • Laying down with legs towards the north, builds thriving and richness.


  1. Be that as it may, one ought not to lay down with legs towards South as he won't have a sound rest. There will be awful dreams, awful contemplations in the brain. Largeness in the chest can likewise be detected every so often. South course is Place of Yama (the Lord of Death). Mind ailment will increment and there is plausibility of reducing of life expectancy.
  2. Bed arrangement to any corners is inadmissible.
  3. Vastu says that the main room should just be utilized by wedded couples.
  4. West or North side is reasonable for appended restroom, changing room or bath and so on.
  5. The restroom ought not to confront the bed straightforwardly and the entryway of the washroom should consistently be kept shut.
  6. East, North or West dividers are best spot for entrance entryway of main room. Maintain a strategic distance from entrance on South divider.
  7. Ensure the entryway of the room is of single shade and consistently opens totally with no commotion.
  8. East or North dividers are useful for windows in the room.
  9. South-West corner of the main room ought to consistently be involved.
  10. Best spot to keep substantial closets, racks or almirah is the South-West corner of the main room.
  11. A mezzanine floor in South or West divider is fair in the room.
  12. Never place safe in room. On the off chance that unavoidable, at that point place the safe away from the North-East, North-West, South-East and South-West corners and East and West headings.
  13. In the event that the safe is kept towards the South divider and opens towards the North at that point it's promising.
  14. Spot dressing table with/without reflect in the North or East divider.
  15. On the off chance that a mirror is in the room with/without dressing table at that point ensure than none of the body part is obvious in the mirror while resting on the bed, else a similar body part will create restorative
  16. If it's not too much trouble maintain a strategic distance from TV, PC or workstations in the room (I realize it is hard, yet that is how it is).
  17. Put TV (on the off chance that you can't control yourself), radiator and other electrical machines in the South-East of the room.
  18. Hang an excellent and lovely painting or any representation on the divider with the goal that it is effectively observed as somebody enters the room.
  19. Vastu room tips state that plants, fish aquariums or some other living things are an exacting "NO" in room.
  20. In the event that a room is in the West side of the home, at that point it's best for youngsters.
  21. According to room Vastu, unmarried kids or visitors can utilize a room in the East.
  22. Lay beds in the youngsters' room in the South-West with the goal that a kid's head is East or South way.
  23. According to Vastu Shastra don't put any room in the South-East heading of the principle working as it prompts superfluous fights (this doesn't implies that there are essential squabbles additionally ) among husband and spouse, wasteful consumption increments and the couple needs to confront parcel of troubles.
  24. Anyway still in the event that a room is available in the South-East course, at that point use it as an office or unmarried child's room.
  25. Try not to have any room in the North-East bearing as this is the spot for divinities and on the off chance that a room is available in this site, at that point one faces numerous accidents and disorder in the family increments.
  26. Likewise in the event that a wedded couple rests in a North-East room, at that point they need to confront long haul illnesses.
  27. Stay away from any room in the focal point of the home.
  28. Utilize light rose, dim, blue, chocolate, green and so on as divider hues for room.
  29. Avoid utilization of marble stones (white and yellow shaded) in the recently hitched couple's room.
  30. Introduce a bagua outside a room to shield from antagonism.


Expectation above Vastu Tips for room make your life more joyful.

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