Thing to keep in Wallet to attract money

  • 17 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Things To Keep In Wallet To Attract Money

Vaastu tips to keep your wallet loaded up with cash. 10 things to keep in wallet to pull in cash. Must-realize these Vastu tips for cash and pursue these Vastu tips for riches and satisfaction.

Goddess Lakshmi's Photo 

This is the most well-known tip to expand riches. As the goddess Lakshmi is liable for riches and prosperityt and dispensing with away all the monetary issues, one must keep a goddess Lakshmi photograph in the wallet. Note that the Goddess Lakshmi ought to be in a situated situation in the photo.

Shree Yantra

You can likewise keep the consecrated Shree Yantra in your pocket or wallet. It is said to make your life positive and increment monetary possibilities.

One Rupee Note

Remember to keep 2 one rupee notes and one twenty rupee note in a white wallet. Never utilize this cash.

Peepal Leaf

Peepal tree is regareded as a blessed divinity and keeping one new Peepal leaf {wash it with Ganga Jal before you keep} can expand accounts. Note to compose 'Shri' utilizing kesar on the leaf.

Lotus Seeds

Lotus is related with Maa Lakshmi and lotus seeds are viewed as fortunate. Keep some lotus seeds in your wallet or pocket for long haul monetary profit.


Keep 21 grains of rice in your wallet making a little parcel with a paper. This will diminish the undesirable use of cash. Offer a few grains of rice to goddess Lakshmi and afterward keep it in your tote.

Continuously Keep The Money You Got From Your Elders 

If your folks or grandparents offer you some cash as a token of affection, consistently keep them in your wallet. Never spend that cash. This will consistently hold your costs in line and set aside cash.

A Silver Coin 

If you have a silver coin, at that point keep it in your tote. Be that as it may, before keeping it in our satchel, offer it to Goddess Lakshmi for quite a while. After this, keep it in your tote.

Gomti Chakra

Keeping gomti chakras in your wallet in odd amounts will make you monetarily and rationally steady.


Keep 7 yellow hued cowries (ocean shells) in your wallet for your thriving — it helps in keeping up the coolness of your wallet as well. Tell us take a gander at some Feng Shui tips for you pack too.

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