The real mission of the sun

  • 02 Dec 2019
  • By Astromaitri




The account of the Sun alongside the entirety of its legends comes down to the manly standard, one that drives, gives life a push, and shows activity in any circumstance. This is the reason we believe Sun in Fiery signs to be solid and predominant, while scattered on mental endeavors and let down in Airy, relating indications of Libra and Aquarius. Maybe the aggregate is continually instructing us that we are to adjust and bargain so as to get hitched or fit the correct group of friends, and to speak with others on mentally fulfilling levels.


Realizing that the group of stars of Libra is in actuality spoken to by paws of Scorpio, while being the Sun's most noteworthy test and the point where it falls, we should recognize the feebleness of equalization found on the fifteenth level of this sign. It is just a dab in the whole zodiacal circle, and one point where the Sun can relate on absolutely equivalent terms for the two gatherings included. Those with their Sun in Libra will regularly move from one side of the scales to the next, more often than not trading off to address others' issues, in some cases feeling lacking to do the main priority all alone, as though they were needy despite the fact that they would prefer not to be. After the outrage kicks in, they will move to the opposite side, where they think they are superior to others in their lives and conclude that they needn't bother with the world and don't have to relate so as to be upbeat. It is just when they understand that the fight itself is too outrageous and pointless will they locate the focal point of character to clutch.

Libra is the most provoking point for the Sun to be found in, accompanying the best potential also, to compromise with one with civility and dedication to the current relationship. No other individual can dispel any confusion air as a Libra, when they are steady without anyone else feet and prepared to start what they feel ought to be done, paying little mind to every other person's sentiment.

To add to that, we have the Sun in impairment in Aquarius, where the social weight is a great deal to deal with and like Libra's test, assessments of others will matter a lot until the purpose of breaking is come to, where parity is made at any expense. Here, the undertaking isn't to explain the bond with another, however to explain the freest self-articulation conceivable, where the bona fide can turn out in any capacity regardless of the obscure passionate or mental substance. There is no disgrace sufficiently large to put a solid Sun to disgrace, and we as a whole have the weight of disgrace in our center, indicating our slight and silly little inner self at all times, arrive at total illumination.

Shouldn't something be said about THE FEMININE?

What we should see now is that the Sun discovers its commendation, home, disadvantage and fall in manly indications of the zodiac. Well at that point – shouldn't something be said about the ladylike? It some way or another consistently goes to this bizarre region where it is neither fortunate or unfortunate, capable and helpful yet potentially stuck, as though talking about the general awkwardness of the manly and ladylike energies in our general surroundings. We may look for the center of women's liberation and male centric culture here on the off chance that we needed to, as the Sun gives life through a lady's body and why it isn't clarified better through the prime examples found in ladylike signs. Mars discovered its place in Scorpio, however the crown appears to fall exclusively into the universe of men, similarly as the fall of the sense of self does. With such a solid manly story to tell, how is it truly associated with the female?

This fantastic star that made all is associated with the idea of the third chakra in every one of us, and we should remember that its most prominent test of all is to adjust things. In light of this, we can advise ourselves that the second chakra, associated with Venus, is discovered right beneath it, as the establishment for its solid center. Above it is the heart chakra, the Moon, and its capacity to interface with the Divine idea. Hovered by the nearest to Earth, extraordinary ladylike substances, the Sun truly doesn't appear to have an exit from any test without traveling through the channel of individual fulfillment and love.

Ladylike signs are those that bring things sensible bit by bit, giving confidence (Water) and emerging (Earth) what we envisioned (Air) and chose to start in Fire. The illustrious idea of the female will become more clear over the two centuries in front of us, as the imperial star and the most brilliant one from the heavenly body of Leo, Regulus, travels through the ladylike indication of Virgo. It has discovered its way there in the wake of spending in excess of 2,000 years in Leo and the precession carried it to Virgo a brief time prior, in 2011.


Considering the situation of the third chakra and the pertinence of nearest, cherishing, thinking about its wellbeing, we will understand that our Sun's capacity to mend is found in clear and dynamic adjusting of energies of Venus and the Moon. This is the thing that its drive is intended to move towards, so it very well may be light and let the vitality stream, associating fulfilling delights of adoration on Earth with the Divine, protective love. At the point when we consider it along these lines, we can think back and see the genuine harshness of the Sun's standard pursue for status and rule. It appears to ponder our absence of mindfulness and self image issues to an a lot higher degree than we are as yet mindful of. Despite everything we pursue for status, affirmation, out of a solid need to feel like we have a place. The main issue is – we normally as of now have a place and in any event, when love has been appeared in irregular manners, it is consistently there to consume like a light offering light to our internal world. When there is by all accounts no affection, we don't see things from the correct edge and what requirements to change is point of view, not character.