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Planet Sun in Astrology – Its Role and Importance


The planet Sun in astrology has a significant job. As planet Sun is the leader of the nearby planetary group, we likewise think about it as the most dominant and legitimate planet in the study of prescient astrology. As a rule, the planet Sun in astrology means power, position and authority.

The life on earth is inside and out incomprehensible without the nearness of Sun. Every one of the animals beginning from individual, creatures, trees to creepers have been reliant upon the intensity of the Sun. The impact of the Sun is substantial to everybody. The seasons occur because of the Sun and development of the earth. The seasons have an incredible job for the endurance of the life on the earth. The regular change harvests yields and grains.


Loving the Lord Sun (Surya Bhagwan)


Loving the Lord Sun is the same old thing. The Hindu cause individuals over the world have been asking and loving the Sun God since days of yore. There numerous celebrations relating to Sun that occur in India consistently. The Chhath Puja in Bihar, Makar Sankranti crosswise over India, and Samba Dashami in Odisha is a typical wonder identifying with Sun.


Sun Temple in India    


Since Sun is the life saver of the world, the individuals in India have been paying respect to the Sun God. There are many Sun sanctuary in India that were worked in the different time. The Sun sanctuary in Odisha is one of the most mainstream sanctuary on the planet. The individuals from distant spots of the world do visit this sanctuary consistently.

There is another Sun sanctuary in Modhera in Gujarat that was worked in the eleventh century AD by the lord Bhīma of the Chaulukya administration. There is no love being offered nowadays. In any case, the fantastic sanctuary is being taken consideration by the Archeological study of India.


Sun isn't a planet yet viewed as the planet in astrology?


We have been educated in the science that Sun isn't a planet. In any case, Sun is considered as a planet in crystal gazing as it has impact on the person. Anything that has impact on the person is known as a planet. The Rahu and Ketu isn't considered as the planet in cosmology. In any case, in the visionary terminology, it is considered as the planet as it has sway on the individual and ordinary undertakings. The planet Sun essentially gives power, position and authority.

In the event that the planet Sun is amazing in the birth graph, at that point it will give you power, position and authority over others. The local will be main focus. In the event that the planet Sun is ground-breaking enough in the natal outline, at that point the vocation, calling and business will run easily.

At the point when the planet Sun is lifted up, possess marked and inviting marked, it will give you capacity to sort out and order the individuals. The ground-breaking Sun in the birth graph is an aid for the lawmakers, doctors, directors and administrators.

It is particularly gainful the individuals who are anxious to head the administrative portfolios. The Sun must be incredible in the graph of pastors, guard work force and top firearm of the nations. Maintaining the business realm is exclusively reliant upon the planet Sun. The business must have a ground-breaking Sun in the horoscope.


Lifted up Sun in Astrology


The planet Sun has distinctive situation in the natal diagram and it vary from individual to individual outline. The lifted up Sun in soothsaying is viewed as the most dominant in the birth outline. The planet Sun is lifted up in the first zodiac sign for example Aries.

The lifted up Sun makes the individual incredible, telling, powerful, dynamic and predominant. It likewise gives authority quality. The Sun in Aries makes the local outrage and gutsy. Such individuals do well in the field of governmental issues and corporate undertakings. The incredible Sun in Aries makes the local main focus among the individuals.


Sun in possess sign in soothsaying


As we talked about lifted up Sun, we have the claim marked Sun. Each planet has its own home in the 12 zodiac signs. The planet Sun has additionally a house in the Leo. At the point when the planet Sun is set in the Leo, the local will be free, brave, dynamic, intense, solid willed, difficult and ordering.

The planet Sun will give result diversely concurring the ascendant the local has. The individual has a place with the Leo ascendant with the Sun in possess sign will make the individual solid and powerful. The individual will be educated and adaptable. The local will have an agreeable existence.


Sun in a well-disposed sign in the natal graph


The planet Sun will likewise bring great outcome like in the claim sign and commendation. The planet Sun is well disposed to Mars, Jupiter and Moon. In the event that it is set in the place of Mars and Jupiter for example Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces, at that point it will bring wonderful outcome. Be that as it may, it by and large relies on its position and houses that the planet Sun involves.


The plant Sun could be exceptionally amazing in the ascendant, tenth and eleventh house. Nonetheless, it won't bring astounding outcome when it is placed in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house in spite of being in agreeable sign. More or less, the planet Sun in a neighborly sign is unquestionably a decent image for the local.


The pessimism of the planet Sun


The planet Sun is the most dominant planet as Hindu prescient astrology says. In any case, it is significant that the planet Sun ought to be all around put and free from any torment in the birth diagram.

In the event that the planet is not well put, the local will endure a great deal. The local could experience the ill effects of medical problems, money related issues and social issues and so forth.


The Sun and its Debilitation          


The local probably won't harvest great outcome out of the Sun because of its weakening in the birth outline. The planet Sun is weakened in the Libra only inverse to its commendation in Aries. On the off chance that your Sun in the natal graph is crippled or frail, you may not prevail in the vocation and calling.

It is especially destructive for the individuals who are in the field of organization and the board. On the off chance that you are into governmental issues and therapeutic science, at that point it will be hard to get name and notoriety. The weakened and not well set Sun can make skin and visual illnesses.

The Sun some of the time makes Neech abhang Rajayoga that gives the local power, position and notoriety in the general public. There are numerous famous people whose Sun is crippled. Notwithstanding, there have created significantly. The Bollywood big name and belle of the ball Aishwarya Rai Bachhan is the consuming model. Her Sun is crippled in the Libra. The otherworldly pioneer Deepak Chopra has his Sun in the weakening. Indeed, even the previous leader of India Abdul Kalam had crippled Sun. Henceforth, it is imperative to investigate the horoscope altogether in order to identify the intensity of the Sun.

The burdened Sun in the horoscope      


The planet Sun not the slightest bit ought to be burdened. The harrowed Sun can make the existence like damnation. You probably won't get acknowledgment for the undertaking you have performed in your life. Your associates in the workplace and calling may be unfriendly. The individuals who have been working with you as subordinate probably won't be submissive.

You are probably going to have distinction of supposition with your senior administration and prevalent individuals. For the most part, the planet Sun gets tormented by malefic. On the off chance that you have been enduring, at that point you may have a beset Sun in your introduction to the world outline. Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu


Medicinal measures for the Sun


  1. There are different healing estimates when the planet Sun is beset, crippled and poorly set. In any case, it isn't insightful to pursue medicinal measures without the exhortation of a certified crystal gazer.
  2. In the event that you have a distressed and powerless Sun, at that point you should investigate every possibility to pursue the cures given beneath.
  3. Utilize Ruby with gold in ring finger on Sunday of splendid fortnight.
  4. Use Ek Mukhi Rudraksha to get control from the planet Sun.
  5. Offer water to the Lord Sun each morning before 8 AM.
  6. Use base of the Bel tree in a charm on Sunday.
  7. Peruse Aditya Hriday Stotram consistently.
  8. Serve and deal with your dad.

The general qualities of the planet Sun in Vedic soothsaying

  1. Day of the Sun – Sunday
  2. Shade of the Sun – Orange
  3. Course of the Sun – East
  4. Circle time of the entire zodiac of the Sun – a year
  5. Circle time in one indication of the zodiac – multi month
  6. Nature of the Sun – Dominant, legitimate and factious
  7. Star grouping has a place with the Sun – Kritika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarasadhha
  8. Well disposed planets of the Sun – Moon, Mars and Jupiter
  9. Unfriendly planets of the Sun – Venus and Saturn
  10. Impartial planet of the Sun – Mercury
  11. Claim house in the Zodiac of the Sun – Leo
  12. Mooltrikon – 20 level of Leo
  13. Worship in the Zodiac – Aries
  14. Weakening in the zodiac – Libra
  15. Metal of the Sun – Gold and Copper
  16. Valuable gemstone – Ruby
  17. Taste of the Sun – Pungent
  18. Uncommon highlights of the Sun – Honey hued eyes and round face
  19. Vimshottari Mahadasha time of the Sun – 6 Years
  20. All around put Sun means – Courage, power and legislative issues
  21. Unfavorable Sun means – Arrogance and Jealousy
  22. Speaks to – Father and Government
  23. The kid parts controlled by Sun – cerebrum, head, heart, bone, eyes, lungs, chest and stomach
  24. Illnesses by the Sun – Palpitation, cardiovascular issue, epilepsy, hair sparseness, bone infections, visual issue, cerebral pain


Remedies for Planet Sun


Signs of Good or Benefic Sun in Horoscope


- It connotes father in relations, Father's wellbeing, your connection and his status demonstrates the status of planet in Horoscope.

- It demonstrates mental fortitude, control, imperativeness, character authority, cognizance, sattvic nature of the Person.

- In body, heart, mind, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach are the parts meant via Planet.

- Characteristics of being aspiration, strength, nobility, telling force, lawmaker, dependable, vitality, beauty and character, liberality and kind heartedness shows that it is Benefic .

- Optimism, executive, regard for older folks, notoriety, changeless position, general achievement, eminence, genuine love, acclaim, assurance and individuals in power, confidence, power and great disposition are additionally the markers of Good Planet. Indication of Bad or Malefic Sun in Horoscope-It gives, haughtiness, faltering demeanor, envious, over goal-oriented, crabby, furious, haughty, pleased, self stubborn, conspicuous, ruling nature, perilous propensities, obstructions and challenges

- Characteristics of lavishness, endowed, misfortune through the misled endeavors of females, (when burdened by Venus), open restriction, unpleasant towards ladies (when distressed by Moon) indecent and angry shows malefic planet.

- Diseases implied by Sun are frail visual perception, cerebral pain, unsettling influence of blood course, fevers, bone shortcoming, palpitation of heart, sparseness, Hyper touchiness, bile, consuming of body, epilepsy, coronary illness, lucaria, an infected appendix, fistula and provocative complaints.


Remedies for Planet Sun, if benefic in a horoscope, following cures ought to be executed as referenced underneath:


  1. Wear Ruby Gemstone on Sunday one hour of the dawn set in gold, copper or silver ring, contacting the skin of the finger. It ought to be worn in ring finger of right hand in the wake of being washed with gangajal/unboiled milk.
  2. Wear gold chain till stomach.
  3. Develop rose plant at home and consistently keep new roses in the pot.
  4. Wear red shading clothes.
  5. Use copper vessels.
  6. Nail four copper nails in the bed's four corners.
  7. House entryway ought to be in the east.
  8. Business related with sun articles will demonstrate great.
  9. Wear Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha around your neck in Red Thread.
  10. Spot Surya Yantra in your Puja Ghar.


Solutions for Planet Sun, on the off chance that malefic in horoscope, at that point the accompanying satisfaction ought to be performed:


  1. Do japa of Sun mantra multiple times every day beginning from Sunday. {Shukla paksha).
  2. Wear Surya Yantra in the wake of completing its puja on Sunday.
  3. Offer water to Sun day by day toward the beginning of the day through copper vessel and furthermore put red chandan, red bloom in it.
  4. For 11 Sundays eat just curd in the afternoon.
  5. Savor water gold vessel.
  6. Offer red Lotus blossoms to Lord Ganesh for 1 or 21 Sundays.
  7. Keep 12 Sunday fasts beginning from Shukla Paksha? Try not to expend salt in any structure on that day. East sweet nourishment before dusk. On a day ago of quick perform havan and offer nourishment to a heavenly man.
  8. Give in philanthropy articles identified with Sun on Sunday to a poor or a heavenly man.
  9. Do Tula daan on Sankaranti day.
  10. Contact feet of father, seniors and educators and take their blessings.
  11. Try not to drink wine or eat non-veggie lover nourishment. Keep great character.