Story of 56 Bhog – 56 Bhog Dishes Name

  • 28 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri


Story of 56 Bhog – 56 Bhog Dishes Name


56 Bhog of Lord Krishna. Why is Lord Krishna offering 56 distinct sorts of Food? Here is the finished 56 bhog menu list with 56 bhog dishes name. This posts traces the rundown of "Chhappan Bhog" things in English.


Story Behind 56 Bhog of Lord Krishna


To spare his adherents from the rage of downpour god, Indra, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Parvat (mountain) on his little finger for seven days. His didn’t eat anything during that period. Since ruler Krishna used to have 8 suppers per day so following 7 days every one of the fans offered 56 (7×8) sorts of nourishment to Lord Krishna. Indeed, even today, day after diwali is commended as 'Govardhan Pooja' and Govardhan mountain is adored .

During the love 56 sorts of nourishment is arranged and offered to Lord Krishna. This extraordinary nourishment is classified "Annakut". The Bhog additionally should be masterminded in a distinct succession; Milk items organized the nearest to Him. This is trailed by Besan things and afterward the salty nourishment. Toward the end illachi is advertised.


7 kinds of grains


  1. 7 kinds of natural products
  2. 7 kinds of dryfruits
  3. 7 vegetables
  4. 7 desserts
  5. 7 beverages
  6. 7 namkeen
  7. 7 sauces or pickles


In another variety one offer


16 sorts of namkeen


  1. 20 sorts of desserts
  2. 20 sorts of dry natural product

56 Bhog Menu List – 56 Bhog Dishes Name

Here is the rundown of 56 things which are offered with certain varieties in various piece of the world.


1) Saag( Spinach)

2) Dahi (curd)

3) kheer ( sweet rice and milk)

4) Chawal (rice)

5) Rasgulla

6) Rabri

7) Mathi

8) Daal

9) Chutney

10) Kadi

11) Malpuda

12) murabba

13) Shakkarpaara

14) Ghewar

15) Chila

16) Jalebi

17) Papad

18) Dalia

19) Laddoo

20) Ghee

21) nectar

22) Mohanbhog

23) Mathha

24) Lassi

25) Butter

26) Malai

27) Moong Dal Ka Halwa

28) Khichadi

29) Pakode

30) Brinjal

31) Lauki

32) Coconut chutney

33) Poori

34) Kachori

35) Roti

36) Badam Milk

37) Coconut water

38) Mango

39) Banana

40) Shkanjvi

41) Grapes

42) Apple

43) Plum

44) Cashew nuts

45) Almonds

46) Raisins

47) Pistachios

48) Channa

49) Tikki

50) Sweet Rice

51) Bhujia

52) Pudina Chutney

53) Saunf

54) Paan

55) Supaari

56) Illaichi


Govardhan Hill


The name 'Govardhana' has two essential interpretations. In the strict signifying, 'Go' means 'bovines', and 'vardhana' means 'sustenance'. Another significance of 'Go' is 'the faculties' and 'vardhana' can likewise signify 'to increment' – hence the name is additionally interpreted by fans of Krishna as 'that which expands the faculties' in their appreciation for Krishna. In this association, it is accepted that the character of Govardhan favors the enthusiast by expanding his dedication.

In this way, by living in the lower regions of Govardhan Hill, every one of the faculties and the individual obligations of a spirit achieve godlikeness and are progressively disposed to perform administration to Lord Krishna.