• 20 Sep 2019
  • By Astromaitri


2019 Shashthi Shraddha

Shashthi Shraddha is done for those deceased family members who died on Shashthi Tithi, including both Shukla and Krishna Paksha Shashthi.

Shashthi Shraddha is also known as Chhath Shraddha.


Pitru Paksha Shraddhas are Parvan Shraddhas (पार्वण श्राद्ध) and auspicious time to perform them is either Kutup Muhurat and Rohina etc. Muhurat after that till Aparahna Kala gets over. Tarpan (तर्पण) is done at the end of the Shraddha.


Pitru Paksha shradha is an exceptionally propitious period as indicated by Hinduism.


Hinduism lays an extraordinary accentuation on playing out the shradh and tarpan to the expired predecessors. Neglecting to perform them will bring about desperate ramifications for the families. In the event that there are any defaults in playing out the shradh functions during the proper time, it very well may be remunerated by performing during the Pitru Paksha otherwise called Mahalaya Paksha. Regardless of whether the progenitor withdrew during the Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha, shradh functions are done on the separate tithi when they passed on when shradh services are finished during the Pitru Paksha.

Shashthi Shradh

This year, Shashthi shradh falls on Sunday, twentieth September 2019.

Shasthi is the 6th day of the lunar month. Sashthi shradh during the Pitru Paksha is the perfect time to play out the shradh and tarpan customs of the precursors kicked the bucket on the Sashthi tithi of any month. The other name of this occasion is Chhath Shraddha. While not performing shradh services can have critical results on the families, performing them is the way to bliss and success in families. Along these lines a great deal of Hindus look into playing out the shardh services during Pitru Paksha.



Significance of Pitru Paksha Shraadh


Propitious acts give twofold benefits when performed during the extra ordinary events. This is especially valid with the Pitra.

Paksha shradh since it is the unique time for getting the favors of the predecessors in numerous measures. This is on the grounds that from Pitru Lok, the progenitors visit their relatives on the earth during this period to get their contributions. These are additionally called as Parvan Shraddhas. The correct occasions to play out the shradh during this period are either Kutup Muhurt or Rohina Muhurt previously the Aparahna Kala (Post Meridian) time gets over.