Shanta - The story of Rama

  • 30 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Shanta – The Story Of Rama's Sister

shanta - ram sister


Shanta – the narrative of Rama's sister. Devi Shanta was the sister of Lord Rama and she was hitched to Rishyasringa {Ram's sister Shanta spouse name}. Shanta is said to be the little girl of Dasharatha and Kausalya, given to Rompad and Vershini in appropriation.

Shanta was hitched to Rishyasringa, child of the unbelievable Indian Hindu holy person Vibhandaka. The relatives of Shanta and Rishyasringa are Sengar Rajputs who are known as the main Rishivanshi rajputs.

Shanta – Family

  1. Dasharatha {father}
  2. Kaushalya {mother}
  3. Rompad {adoptive father}
  4. Vershini {adoptive mother}
  5. Kaikeyi {step-mother}
  6. Sumitra {step-mother}
  7. Rama {brother}
  8. Bharata {brother}
  9. Lakshmana {brother}
  10. Shatrughna {brother}

Shanta was a girl of Kausalya the spouse of Raja Dasharatha, ruler of Ayodhya. She was later given in selection to Raja Romapada, lord of Anga. Shanta was instructed in Vedas, Art, Craft just as in Warfare, and was considered to have been extremely excellent. At some point, while her dad, the ruler Rompada, was occupied in discussion with Shanta, a Brahmin came to request help in development in the times of the rainstorm. Rompada didn't focus on the Brahmin's situation. This disturbed and irritated the Brahmin, who left the realm. Indradev, the lord of downpour, was not able hold up under the affront of his fan, so there was little precipitation during the rainstorm season coming about dry spell in realm and Dashratha had no kids, he needed a child to proceed with his heritage and to enhance his illustrious tradition the issues of the two realms must be mitigated by yajnas performed by a brahmin with the forces that originate from recognition of immaculate celibacy. The main such individual is Rishyasringa who was raised by Vibhandak Rishi secluded from society without information on ladies should have been brought to the city, and be convinced to do the important yajna functions, in spite of his dread of the power and outrage of Vibhandak Rishi, the two rulers send young ladies to bring the kid into typical society, at that point Shanta satisfies this errand and Rishyasringa weds Shanta, he at that point consents to perform yajna for Anga, during its recitation, it down-poured vigorously, general society cheered and there were celebrations in Anga.

Rishyasringa likewise played out a Putra Kameshthi yajna for Dashratha to conceive offspring, and as the outcome of the said Yajna were conceived: Rama, Bharata, and the twins Lakshmana and Shatrughna.


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