Rahu in Astrology

  • 26 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Understanding the Planet Rahu


Rahu is the north hub of the Moon, otherwise called the mythical serpent's head. North hub is where Moon's direction converges with the ecliptic. It is a shadowy planet, and its effect on human lives is particular and profound. It can't be seen through unaided eye not at all like different planets, yet its effect is more grounded than all. It is the administering power of our personality, hostility and mental state. It very well may be ruthless and fierce when combined with Mars. It speaks to the covered up, the dim secrets, for example, cash earned from obscure sources, betting, passing and haziness. In any case, it's not constantly fearsome. Its positive effect makes one well off, unsuspicious, and inclined to long separation voyages.

Rahu is the most plotting planet, the best legislator and controller of the considerable number of planets. It speaks to chipping from social standards and ordinary methodologies. Its vitality can be dishonest and obscure when it is impacted by malefic planets. It causes individuals to enjoy unlawful exercises and causes corruption of character and profound quality. It is additionally behind the torments and incidents throughout everyday life. It is the genuine connotation of the black market according to Vedic Astrology. Here is more you have to know.


Planetary Configuration


Rahu takes around 18 years to finish its hover through the zodiac. Furthermore, in each sign, it remains for around 1.5 years. Rahu is viewed as a shadow planet accordingly isn't for all time related with a sign or house. However, some Vedic Astrology researchers accept that it is exceptionally solid in Virgo. It likewise offers positive results to Cancer hint as it is accepted to be its Mooltrikon sign. Additionally, Rahu is respected lifted up in Taurus sign and by a few, in Gemini also. In Scorpio sign, it is viewed as crippled. Rahu imparts outrageous hostility to Sun and Moon while it is companions with Mercury, Venus and Saturn and unbiased towards Mars and Jupiter.


Callings administered by Rahu


Rahu is the administrator of obscure dealings and haziness hence of callings in ventures, for example, tranquilize industry, poison fabricating, mystery, pirating and so on. Mining is likewise an action constrained by Rahu. Truth be told, callings identifying with underground are additionally administered by this shadow planet, be it cavern investigation, paleo history, metal mining, etc. Rahu is likewise associated with Iron, in this manner profession decisions identifying with iron, lead and combinations like steel go under the area of Rahu as well. Other than these, Rahu additionally controls synthetics and gases, subsequently assumes a noticeable job in administering manures, pesticide, purification, toiletries, and noxious substances. Rahu additionally has its impact in making the local popular and fruitful. Characters in sports, broad communications, legislative issues and so forth are regularly obliged to Rahu for their name and distinction.


Character of those managed by Rahu


Rahu is of a double sort. On one hand, it can make the local an enemy of social crook and on the other, examination official, source, or investigator. Everything relies on its association with the planets it is put with or impacted by. An emphatically put Rahu makes the individual walk towards popularity, name, achievement and power. It grants them with the capacity, right around a mystic capacity to detect an inappropriate. It enables the individual to satisfy common wants and arrive at the condition of passionate fulfillment. There may even now be some internal turmoil notwithstanding the success and prevalence. Those affected by Rahu normally endeavor to carry on with a high way of life and pursue common solaces. A negative arrangement of Rahu makes the local manipulative, uncultured, and narrow minded, unmindful, and confounded much as the planet itself seems to be. It presents leaps throughout everyday life, makes figments and local winds up committing errors out of perplexities and mistaken assumptions.


Positive and negative impacts of Rahu


The positive situation of Rahu enables the local to turn into a negotiator, ready to make stories around to move beyond issues, and exploit the provisos. They want to achieve colossal riches. They are generally taught and mindful, extraordinary at advising others to pursue the way of respectability and trustworthiness however may not make a difference the guidelines to themselves. A positive situation implies that regardless of whether they are not instructed, they would be insightful enough to run a school. What's more, regardless of whether they don't expend liquor or smoke, they may enjoy alcohol and medication or tobacco dealings. They are likewise prone to get familial property. A malefic situation of Rahu causes the local to enjoy obscure exercises, lose riches through hypothesis and betting, suit, poor cash the executives, absence of judgment, and hardships all through.

Remedies of Rahu in Vedic Astrology


Rahu is viewed as a malefic planet essentially. It doesn't run any sign. It imparts a well-disposed relationship to Saturn, Mercury and Venus and is unbiased towards Jupiter and Mars. Sun and Moon are its foe planets, with it being progressively unfriendly to Sun. Rahu impacts in gravest manners during its dasha, retrogression or travel through a sign. A house that is under the malefic impact of Rahu gets truly influenced. This shadow planet when positive for a horoscope expands otherworldly tendency, riches possibilities, regal status and odds of outside residency.


In any case, if there is malefic Rahu in horoscope, it worries about abrupt fiascos, interminable ailments, infidelity, lunacy, wounds, connivance, absence of harmony and even demise. Individuals with malefic Rahu intermittently enjoy clashes with individuals in neighborhood or work environment. Such locals are inclined to sentiments of doubt and selling out. They will in general either have restless evenings because of mental troubles or have wearing dreams, particularly with appearances of reptiles. Some may likewise have dreamer inclinations by virtue of absence of adoration and direction throughout everyday life. Here are a few solutions for Rahu to placate it.


Vedic Remedies for Rahu


  1. You should have a go at remaining in a joint or enormous family alongside guardians.
  2. Encouraging flying creatures is another adequate method to moderate Rahu's evil impacts.
  3. Locals with malefic Rahu in horoscope should likewise offer something made of copper as a present to their darling.
  4. On the off chance that conjugal life gets influenced because of Rahu's essence, local should keep 5 radishes on the bedside of life partner and toss it in streaming water body toward the beginning of the day for 5 Saturdays.
  5. Putting away water in the south-west corner of your house is additionally one of the solid solutions for Rahu.
  6. You should attempt to wear dull blue hued garments however much as could be expected.
  7. You can likewise keep a peacock plume with you to relieve the impact.
  8. You ought to likewise attempt to abstain from taking anything for nothing.
  9. Keeping and sustaining hounds all the time additionally makes a difference.
  10. In the event that Rahu is ominous, you ought to consistently cover your head with a top, scarf, or turban, dim blue in shading if conceivable.