Navratri Devi

  • 28 Sep 2019
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navratri devi


Devi or the Divine Mother is the vitality which has brought forth the whole universe including the heavenly stars far away and the inconspicuous personality and its feelings. Called 'shakti' which means vitality, the Divine Mother is likewise in charge of running this creation.

Navratri is the point at which this vitality can be tapped. One of the approaches to do so is to venerate every one of the names and types of the Divine Mother.


“The divinity is everywhere, but it is dormant. Pooja (worship) is the process to awaken it.”

So, let discuss about the NINE DEVIS who are the divine mother of this earth:




maa shailputri

Among the Nine Durgas, Maa Shailputri is viewed as the main indication of goddess Durga. She conveys the trishul and the lotus in her grasp. Her vehicle is the Bull, Nandi.

The account with respect to her introduction to the world has been depicted in sacred writings like Shivapurana and Devi Bagvaatam Maa.

Shailputri in her past birth was conceived as a little girl to Daksha Prajapati. She was named 'Sati'. She had been profoundly dedicated to Lord Shiva since her adolescence. When she developed into a lady, she appeased Lord Shiva by her repentance and dedication and wanted to generate him as her associate. Master Shiva presented the ideal aid on her and acknowledged her as his partner.


When her dad Daksha Prajapati composed an incredible Yanja in which every one of the divine beings including Brahma, Vishnu, Indra and holy people and sages were welcomed, however Lord Shiva was prohibited. At the point when Goddess Sati came to know about it, she couldn't endure the disrespect of Lord Shiva. Along these lines, she choose to visit her dad. Blowing up Sati addressed Lord Shiva, "O Dear Lord! My dad Daksha Prajapati is playing out a terrific flame penance. Every one of the divine beings, holy people, soothsayers and sages have been welcome to take an interest in this penance, however he has disrespected you transparently by not welcoming you. I can never hold up under your affront. In this way, you sympathetically let me go to my dad to stand up my brain to him."


Seeing the rankled Sati, Lord Shiva said to her, "O Goddess! It doesn't benefit you to lose your temper over such a fool. Daksha Prajapati is the entertainer of this incredible penance. It is his sweet will to welcome or overlook any one. You should not jab your nose into his issues. Such insignificant advances may cause sharpness in your relations."


Sati's indignation didn't die down even after such a talk given to her by Lord Shiva. Seeing her incredible unyieldingness, Lord Shiva at last allowed her the authorization to see her dad.


At the point when Goddess Sati arrived at the site of the Yajna, she heard everyone decrying Lord Shiva. Indeed, even Daksha, her dad, encompassed by his workers was occupied with the judgment of Lord Shiva. Every one of her sisters were taunting at Sati. Such an antagonistic circumstance fanned the flame of her fierceness much more. She neglected to persevere through such a terrible disrespect of her Lord and dispatched herself to the conciliatory flares. At the point when Lord Shiva knew about Sati's self-immolation, he sent his chaperons to crush the penance.


Sati in her next birth was conceived as a girl to Himalaya, the Lord of Mountains. She was named Parvati or Hemvati. Since she was conceived as a girl to the mountain-ruler Himalaya, she is otherwise called Shailputri. She satisfied Lord Shiva by her serious atonement and conceived him has her significant other. Among the Nine Durgas, the significance and forces of Mother Shailputri are boundless. On the primary day of promising Navaratri, only she is loved and revered.



ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥

Om Devi Shailputri Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Vande Vanchhit Laabhaay, Chandrardhkritshekharaam |
Vrisharudham Shooldharaam Shailputriim Yashaswinim ||

MEANING – I worship Goddess Shailputri to fulfill my wishes, who is adorned with crescent moon on her head, rides on a bull, carrying a trishul and is illustrious.



maa bhramcharini

In this form Durga is two-furnished, clad in white and conveys a rudraksha mala and sacrosanct Kamandalu. She is in a profoundly devout and quiet structure or is in reflection. This type of Durga is identified with the serious retribution attempted by Sati and Parvati in their particular births to achieve Lord Shiva as spouse. Probably the most significant Vrat saw in various pieces of India by ladies depends on the exacting severities pursued by Brahmacharini. She is otherwise called Tapasyacharini and is adored on the second day of Navratri.


The story in regards to her introduction to the world has been portrayed as pursues:


Having immolated herself in the conciliatory flame, Sati was conceived of Maina as a girl to the Mountain-King Himalaya. Keeping in view her propitious attributes, she was given the name of 'Parvati'. When she had grown up into a delightful lady, the divine sage Narada while meandering about happened to arrive at the court of ruler Himalaya.


Narada was heartily invited by the Lord of mountains. From that point Himalaya and Maina petitioned Sage Narada to anticipate the eventual fate of Parvati by perusing her palms. Sage Narada consented to their solicitation. Seeing Goddess Parvati, Sage Narada stood up and bowed to her with incredible adoration. The mountain-ruler Himalaya and ruler Maina were flabbergasted at such an irregular conduct of Sage Narada.

They were interested to know the reason for this one of a kind conduct. Immediately he talked with a grin, "O Lord of Mountains! This little girl of yours in her past birth was Sati, the little girl of Daksha and the partner of Lord Shiva. She relinquished her body in the flame of the Yanja as Daksha flung disfavor on Lord Shiva. Presently she is conceived again as your little girl Parvati. That is the reason I bowed to her. By temperance of her benefits, she will again sire Lord Shiva as her significant other."


Having tuned in to the expectation of Sage Narada, Goddess Parvati asked of him how to bring forth Lord Shiva as her associate. Immediately Sage Narada prompted her to play out a grim atonement.


Following up on the counsel of Sage Narada, Goddess Parvati denied every one of the joys of the royal residence and began performing atonement to bring forth Lord Shiva as her significant other. She went through the initial thousand years of her atonement by living on products of the soil. From that point she lived on leaves for another 3,000 years of her compensation. At that point she lived on water and after that air alone conquering warmth and cold, downpour and tempests and a wide range of sufferings.


Goddess Parvati thought about Lord Shiva for a great many years. The stark retribution performed by her diminished her to a minor skeleton. An extraordinary shout won in the three universes as a result of her extreme atonement. Every one of the Gods including Indra and Saints and Sage were frightened by her compensation. They moved toward Brahma in a body and implored him to give the ideal help on Parvati.


Finally Brahma, showed up before Parvati and said to her, "O Goddess! Every one of the Gods bow to you in profound love. Such a somber retribution can be performed uniquely by you. Your esteemed want will before long be satisfied. You will bring forth Lord Shiva as your associate. By prudence of this stark retribution you will be known as "Brahmchaarini" – a lady of chastity. From there on Brahma reestablished her physical appeal and effortlessness.


Accordingly Goddess Parvati generated Lord Shiva as her significant other by prudence of her compensation. She earned the notoriety of being a Brahmchaarini.


The love of Maa Brahmchaarini is helpful for atonement, renunciation, ethicalness and respectability. Her aficionados are enriched with harmony and success.



Om Devi Brahmcharinyai Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Dadhaanaa Kar Padaabhyaamakshmala Kamandalu | Devi Prasidati Mayi Brahmcharinyanuttamaa.

Which means, O Goddess Brahmcharini, who holds rosary and Kamandalu in her hands, please on me.
A devotee who is eager to know God, who want knowledge, he should worship Devi Brahmcharini on the second day of Navratri.




ma chandarghanta

In this form Durga is 10-equipped and rides a tiger. This is a horrendous viewpoint and is thundering severely. This type of Durga is totally not the same as prior structures and shows when incited she can be the awful or malignant. Chandraghanta is venerated on the third day of Navaratri.


Her temple is festooned with the sickle moon taking after the state of a ghantaa. That is the reason she is called Maa 'Chandraghantaa' by enthusiasts.


By her effortlessness every one of the wrongdoings, troubles, physical sufferings, mental tribulations and spooky obstacles of the lovers are annihilated. Riding on the lion the Mother rouses her fans with dauntlessness. She is the very encapsulation of peacefulness. The lovers who worship and love her with their deeds, psyches and discourse build up an air of perfect quality. Their people transmit out imperceptible power-waves which exercise an incredible effect on the individuals who interact with them. They effectively make progress in varying social statuses. Maa Chandraghantaa is ever prepared to pulverize the insidious, however to her lovers she is ever unmistakable as the sort and humane Mother showering harmony and thriving.


The appearance controlled by Maa Chandraghantaa is brilliant. She has ten arms which employ weapons and rockets like the sword, the bow, the mace, the bolts and so forth. During the fight between the divine beings and the evil spirits, the unpleasant sound created by her ghantaa had sent a large number of underhanded devils to the residence the Death-god. She is ever in a warring stance which demonstrates her energy to annihilate the adversaries of her lovers with the goal that her enthusiasts may ever live in harmony and flourishing. Divine vision is gained by her elegance. In the event that a fan happens to appreciate divine scent and hears assorted sounds, he is said to be honored by the Mother.


Maa Chandraghantaa ought to be loves and venerated in view of extraordinary virtue and heart watching every one of the rituals appropriately. Having gained her elegance, we dispose of all common strife and appreciate Supreme ecstasy. Enthusiasts ought to consistently have her delicate structure in their psyches while ruminating over her.


Om Devi Chandraghantayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Pindaj Pravaarudh chandkopastrkairyuta |
Prasadam Tanute Madhyam Chandraghanteti vishrutaa ||

Meaning: O Goddess Chandraghanta, who rides on Tiger, angry on enemies, holds many weapons in 10 hands, be propitious to me.


ma khushmanda


The fourth indication of Goddess Durga. She is loved and loved on the fourth day of the Navaratri. She stays in the dwelling place the Sun God. That is the reason her tone and spendour is as splendid as the sun itself. It is her spendour that plagues each plant and animal of this universe. All the ten quarters are lit up by her perfect refulgence.


The name Kushmanda is made of three different words that are "Ku + Ushma + Amnda= Kushmanda". Here "Ku" is "Close to nothing", "Ushma" is "Warmth or Energy" and "Anda" is "Egg" , meaning the person who make the universe as "Minimal Cosmic Egg" with the vitality of Her awesome grin, is classified "Kushmanda".


At the point when this universe was non-existent and obscurity won all over the place, it was Maa Kushmaandaa who created the Cosmic Egg with her unimportant grin. So Maa Kushmanda is otherwise called the maker the entire universe. Maa Kushmanda is additionally named as "Adi Shakti". She is the one in particular who has the power and solidarity to live in the center of Suryaloka. Her body sparkles like the shining Sun. All headings get light from Her Divine grin including the Sun God itself. Maa Kushmanda otherwise called "Ashtabhuja" as she is frequently delineated as having eight arms. In her seven hands she holds Kamandalu, Bow, Arrow, Lotus, a Jar of Nectar, Discus, and Mace. In her eighth hand she holds a mala fit for giving eight Siddhis and nine Niddhis. She rides a lion who speaks to "Dharma". On adoring Her, afflictions and distresses are disposed of and life expectancy, name, quality and wellbeing improved.


Mother Kushmaandaa is the bestower all things considered. Her worship and love conveys an individual from a wide range of afflictions and leads him on to the way of success and delights. Along these lines, a lover ought to love and love her with a filtered personality and mind.


Om Devi Kushmandayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Suraasampoorna Kalasham Rudhiraaplutamev Cha |
Dadhaanaa Hastpadmaabhyaam Kushmanda Shubhdaastu Me ||

Meaning: Goddess Kushmanda who holds two pitchers full of Madira and Blood in her lotus hands, be propitious to me.


maa skandamata

In this structure Durga is four-equipped and rides on a lion. She conveys a lotus, a kamandalu and a ringer. Her one hand is in gift pose.


Skandamaataa is the fifth manifestion of Goddess Durga. She is loved on the fifth day of the Navaraatri. Her child Karttikeya is likewise called Skanda. Along these lines, she is called Skandamaataa or the Mother of Skanda.


Ruler Skanda can be found in her lap. She has four arms out of which two hold the lotus blossoms. One of her hands is consistently in the shelter meeting motion and with the other she holds her child Skanda in her lap. Her appearance is white and she is situated on the lotus. Along these lines, she is additionally called the Goddess with a lotus-situate. The Lion additionally is her vehicle.


Skandamaataa who has the brightness of the sun satisfies every one of the wants of her enthusiasts. He who is magnanimously dedicated to her, accomplishes every one of the accomplishments and fortunes of life. The love of Skandamaataa sanitizes the core of a lover. While venerating her, he enthusiast ought to have total authority over his faculties and brain. He should liberate himself from common subjugation and love her with a solitary pointed commitment. Her love is twice honored. At the point when the fan adores her, Lord Skanda, her child in her lap, is consequently revered. In this manner the aficionado happens to appreciate the finesse of Skandamaataa alongside the beauty of Lord Skanda.


On the off chance that an aficionado reveres her without self-centeredness, the Mother favors them with power and thriving. The lovers who love Skandamataa sparkle with heavenly magnificence. Her love is eventually helpful for salvation.




Om Devi Skandmatayayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Sinhaasangataam Nityam Padmaanchit Kardwayaa |
Shubhdaastu Sadaa Devi Skandmata Yashaswini ||

Meaning: Skandmata, who rides on Lion with Kartikeya, holds lotus in her two hands and Varmudra in one hand, be propitious to me.


maa katyayani

In this form Durga is four-equipped and she conveys a sword, shield and lotus. One hand is portrayed as giving gift. She rides a lion.


Mother Kaatyaayani is revered as the 6th sign of Goddess Durga. She is venerated on the 6th day of the Navaratri. The account seeing her introduction to the world has been as per the following:


The incredibly famous sage Kaatyaayana was conceived in the administration of sage Kaatya. He was a fantastic enthusiast of Goddess Durga and played out a grim atonement for a long time to satisfy her. Being charmed by his commitment, Goddess Durga showed up before him and requested that he request the ideal help. Immediately the incomparable Sage Kaatyaayana requested that she ought to be conceived as a little girl to him. Goddess Durga conceded his desire.


At the point when the monstrosities submitted by Mashisha, the fiendish evil spirit, wound up unfortunate on the Earth, Goddess Durga's 6th sign showed up as a girl to sage Kaatyaayana. She came to be known as 'Kaatyaayani' as she was the little girl of Sage Kaatyaayana.


When Mother Kaatyaayani was conceived, she expected an immense and enormous structure. Seeing her Universal Form, sage Kaatyaayana bowed to her with extraordinary worship and revered and adored her for three days from the Bright seventh to ninth. Having acknowledged the love and love of the savvy, Mother Kaatyaayani killed evil presence Mashisha.


Mother Kaatyaayani can offer everything to her lovers. The gopis of Braja too venerated her on the banks of the Yamuna so as to bring forth Lord Krishna as their significant other. The four-furnished Mother Kaatyaayani rides the Lion. She is effectively appeased by dedication and decimates all wrongdoings of her enthusiasts. Her love is helpful for Dharma, riches, joys and salvation.

Mantras For Kaatyaayani Devi

Om Devi Katyayanyayi Namah (108 recitation of this mantra)

Chandrahaasojjval Karaa Shaardoolvarvaahanaa |
Katyayani Shubham Dadyaad Devi Daanavghatini ||

Meaning: Devi Katyayani, who holds Chandrahaas Sword and other weapons in her ten hands, rides on Lion, and destroying demons, be propitious to me.


maa mahagauri

In this form Durga is four-outfitted and she rides on a bull or a trinket. She conveys a trishul and a damaru. Two hands are in gift pose. She is unadulterated and is accepted to have been as Mata Parvati when she did repentance to get Shiva as her better half. Virtue is delineated in this type of Durga. Mahagowri type of Durga is loved on the eighth day of Navratri. Goddess Parvati decided to play out a grim atonement as prompted by Sage Narada so she may bring forth Lord Shiva as her better half. In this way, she disavowed every one of the solaces of the royal residence and began performing atonement in the timberland.


Her extreme retribution proceeded for a long time. She conquered warmth and cold, downpours and dry season and horrible tempests. Her body was secured with residue, earth, soil and leaves of trees. She had built up a blackish skin over her body. Finally, Lord Shiva showed up before her and gave his grave word that he would wed her.


He washed her vigourously by the sacred waters of the Ganga radiating from his tangled hair. The blessed and hallowed waters of Ganga washed off all the soil sticking to Parvati's individual and she moved toward becoming wound up white-complexioned and magnificent. Along these lines by righteousness of having procured a white composition, Parvati came to be known as Mahagauri (Extremely Fair).


Mahagauri Devi is loved on the eighth day of the Navaratri. This appearance of hers is exceptionally tranquil and quiet. Every one of the wrongdoings of the aficionados are singed to slag by her worship and love. She has invulnerable powers and gives justifies on her aficionados. She devastates every one of the upsets of her fans and favors them with a wide range of benefits and temperances.


Maa Mahagauri's reflection, her worship, her love, and her commitment are helpful for the welfare of aficionados. He who focuses his brain on her will make the most of her favors. He who makes the most of her effortlessness accomplishes flawlessness in varying social statuses. Mother Mahagauri satisfies every one of the wants of her enthusiasts. She empowers them to appreciate success and joys here in this world and salvation from now on.


Mantras for Mahagauri Devi

Om Devi Mahagauryayi Namah (108 Recitation of  Mahagauri Mantra)

Shwete Vrishesamarudha Shwetaambardhara Shuchih |
Mahagauri Shubham Dadyanmahadev Pramodadaa ||

Meaning: Goddess Mahagauri who rides on white bull, wear pure white clothes, giver of happiness, be propitious to me.



maa shidhidayini

In this form Durga is situated on a lotus and is four equipped. She holds a lotus, mace, plate and book. In this structure Durga expels numbness and she gives the information to understand That or Brahman. She is encompassed by Siddhas, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Demons and Gods who are venerating her. The Siddhi that she gives is the acknowledgment that solitary she exists. Siddhidayini type of Durga is venerated on the ninth day of Navaratri.


She is the escort all things considered and idealizations. The story viewing her rise keeps running as pursues:


At the point when the Universal Mother was held with anticipating Creation, She, as a matter of first importance, made Lord Shiva who petitioned Her to enrich him with splendors. For this reason, the Universal Mother (Durgaa) created Goddess Siddhidaatri from Her own individual. As the command of the Universal Mother, Goddess Siddidaatri presented eighteen sorts of uncommon culminations and forces and possibilities (Siddhis) on Lord Shiva. By righteousness of these siddhis, Lord Shiva happened to build up a heavenly magnificence.


Having gained the siddhis from Goddess Siddhidaatri, Lord Shiva made Lord Vishnu who thus made Lord Brahma who was endowed with the errand of the Creation while Lord Vishnu got the assignment of Protection and Lord Shiva that of Destruction.


Ruler Brahma felt an extraordinary trouble in his errand of the Creation without man and lady. Immediately he recalled Mother Siddhidaatri. When she showed up before him, Lord Brahma said to her, "Gracious Great Mother! I can't continue with the errand of the Creation without man and lady. You benevolently take care of this issue of mine through your extraordinary fulfillments (siddhis)."


Having heard Lord Brahma, Mother Siddidaatri changed over a large portion of the individual of Lord Shiva into a lady. In this way Lord Shiva turned out to be half-male and half-female and came to be known as Ardhanaarishwara. In this manner the issue of Lord Brahma was settled and the assignment of the Creation went on easily.


Mother Siddhidaatri has four arms and she rides on a lion. She conveys the mace, the lotus, the conch-shell and the plate in her four hands. He who gains her beauty accomplishes salvation in the wake of appreciating the joys of life. She satisfies all the everyday and celestial yearnings of her lovers. Her love pulverizes all troubles.

Mantras for Siddhidaatri Devi

Om Devi Siddhidatryayi Namah (108 Recititation of Siddhidatri Mantra)

Siddha Gandharva Yakshdyairasurairamarairapi |
Sevyamaanaa Sadabhuyaat Siddhida Siddhidayini ||

Meaning: Goddess Siddhidatri who is worshipped by Siddha, Gandharva, Yaksh, Gods, Demons etc., holds Conch, Chakra, Gada and Lotus in her hands, giver of all siddhis and victory all over, be propitious to me.