Marriage in vedic astrology | Second Marriage

  • 27 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Marriage in Vedic Astrology – Second Marriage In Astrology


Understanding remarriage in soothsaying. What are the explanations behind second marriage in Vedic astrology?  Think about the marriage house in Vedic astrology and which house tells about marriage in soothsaying.

Which house speaks to what?


  1. Second house speaks to Kutumba, the family.
  2. Fourth house speaks to residential harmony and bliss in the middle of family and house.
  3. Seventh house speaks to life partner, marriage and conjugal
  4. Eighth house speaks to changes, obstructions and life span.
  5. Eleventh house speaks to the accomplishment of marriage.
  6. Twelfth house speaks to sexual


Significator (karka)


  1. Ninth house is the significator of second marriage.
  2. Venus is the significator (karka) of spouse.
  3. Jupiter is the Significator (karka) of spouse.

Significator (karka) assume a significant job in marriage and wedded life.


The seventh house is checked for marriage and twelfth house from it (twelfth house from seventh house) is checked for separation or partition. The third house is considered in the event of separation or any kind of legitimate partition. The twelfth house is viewed as when mate itself ventures out from home or goes way purposefully or steals away.


Prophetic Reasons for Divorce or Second Marriage


At the point when any of the above houses or their masters are harassed or encounters a malefic perspective, at that point issues emerge because of the causes administered by the comparing house or the burdening planet. The seventh master is significant as its retrograde sees unusual conduct of the life partner. As I said before, Venus is the karka for marriage in a male horoscope and Jupiter is the karka in a female horoscope. At the point when the seventh house, their rulers and karka planet of marriage (Venus and Jupiter) are powerless and harrowed, it brings about upset wedded life.


Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are double signs. Mercury and Jupiter rules third, sixth, ninth, twelfth houses and are the rulers of these double signs. Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Mars and the master of twelfth house are known as the separative planets. So when at least two of these separative planets impact the fourth house and its ruler, the residential harmony and satisfaction gets upset. In such situation the satisfaction in family life is consistently being referred to. Likewise, if these separative planets impact the seventh house and seventh master, division or separation from his/her companion is sure. At the point when it shows solid malefic effect on the seventh house, it demonstrates separate.


Venus in double sign or double planet and that too under malefic impact will have more than one marriage and the primary marriage will wind up in separation or detachment. Additionally, when these double signs are in the place of marriage and is malefic, it demonstrate more than one marriage. All in all, at whatever point the place of marriage is affected by double signs and that too under outrageous malefic conditions, it demonstrate separation and second marriage. The relationship of Venus with double planets under malefic impact and on seventh house shows separation and second marriage.


Planetary Combinations for Divorce or Second Marriage


  1. The seventh house speaks to life partner, marriage and conjugal It is the most significant house to search for any marriage related inquiries, When Jupiter is in seventh house, it by and large outcomes in inadmissible wedded life. This arrangement will cause some major issues and the couple will consistently confront disappointment in their wedded life. Deferral in marriage is likewise caused along these lines and can end the marriage in separation or partition.
  2. As sixth house means legitimate debates and court matters, so when sixth house is related to seventh master, it will bring about some genuine lawful issues. It can either be separate or any legitimate issue identified with marriage. Endowment case or badgering case is likewise conceivable.
  3. At the point when Rahu or Saturn joins Lagna (the Ascendant), such individual would confront conjugal life clashes or partition.
  4. At the point when Sun and Mars is in second, seventh or eighth house, solid odds of division or disharmony is appeared.
  5. At the point when ruler of second and seventh are in Nakshatra of malefic planets that is in the Nakshatra of sixth master separate is very sure.


Second Marriage


  1. At the point when the ruler of the seventh house falls in double signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces), it shows second marriage.
  2. At the point when Rahu is set in seventh house, second marriage is unequivocally demonstrated.
  3. At the point when planets shows malefic effects on second house and seventh house or their masters, it demonstrates more than one relationships.
  4. At the point when two planets are set in seventh house, second marriage may occur.
  5. At the point when the master of seventh house is put in fourth house or ruler of ninth house put in seventh house, it demonstrates second marriage.
  6. At the point when Mars is in seventh house and Saturn or Rahu in eighth house, it speaks to second marriage.
  7. Jupiter in retrograde in the seventh with Mars may show second marriage.
  8. At the point when Venus, Saturn, Moon and Mars is put in the seventh house, different relationships may occur.
  9. Saturn with Rahu in seventh house likewise demonstrates second marriage.
  10. At the point when multiple planets are put in eleventh house, the odds of second marriage
  11. At the point when Venus and master of seventh house is in double or basic signs in birth diagram or navmansha outline, it demonstrates two mates.
  12. At the point when Venus is in Cancer and the Moon in the seventh house, second marriage is conceivable.
  13. Second marriage happens during the Mahadasha or Antardasha of ruler of third or ninth house or planets identified with third or ninth house or their masters.