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  • 06 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri

Mangal Dosh

mangal dosh

"An individual conceived affected by Mars ('Mangala') according to Hindu crystal gazing has the 'Mangal Dosh' (Mars imperfection). What's more, the local is a Manglik" in the Hindu expressions.

Moreover, as per the conviction, the marriage between a 'Manglik' and a non-Manglik is deplorable and can prompt the early demise of the local's accomplice.

For what reason does this occur?


  • In the Hindu Mythology, the planet Mars is unfriendly and unpropitious when it's in first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth places of a horoscope ('kundali'). Likewise, individuals accept that when Mars is in these houses at the hour of birth, the individual has 'Mangal Dosha'.
  • In spite of the fact that the impacts of Mars is diverse in various places of a 'kundali' on the local's close to home life. In purpose of realities of Hindu Astrology, it is that arrangement of Mars in these houses alongside different foreboding planets is executioner for hitched life.
  • Likewise, Mars as an ascendant is a signifier of a local's wellbeing and character. A local needs graciousness and is forceful. He may likewise have an unbending and malignant nature under its impact. The nearness of Mars in the seventh house impacts marriage in the most exceedingly awful conceivable way.
  • 'Mangal Dosh' is perhaps the greatest dread in India. The negative effect of Mars normally falls in marriage and post-marriage life.
  • It is likewise a matter of worry as a distressed individual may even stay unmarried all through his/her life. Hence, individuals perform different cures prescribed by crystal gazers to invalidate the impact of Mars.

In-depth Analysis


Though this is not something you can ignore, at the same time you should know that a lot of people are born with ‘Mangal Dosh’ in their ‘Kundali’. There are various Remedies to reduce the negative effect of Mars or Mangal.

Mars in the 4th house provides stable wealth to the natives but gives a challenging life. The person with Mars in the 4th house may have to endure a disturbed married life. The fights and an unhealthy relationship with the partner may also lead to divorce and separation but Mars in this house does not risk the life of the life partner.

Bad Effects of Mars or Mangal Dosh


  • Mars is the planet for marriage. What's more, the nature of Mars is furious. Along these lines, an inappropriate situation of Mars outside its very own place expedites a contrary impact the individual's life.
  • Each tormented house differently affects a local's life. Here are some broad impacts of a harrowed house that individuals face.
  • The tormented second house may make issues among the relatives.
  • Harrowed fourth house indicates towards issues related a house, vehicles, and so forth.
  • Distressed 7th house focuses towards experiencing issues in conjugal life.
  • At the point when eighth house is tormented it insights towards a probability of a lethal mishap.
  • Twelfth house connotes the ways of managing money of the individual and speaks to satisfaction, voyaging, unwinding and material guilty pleasures of a local.
  • Distressed tenth House indicates a probability of unsettling influences in proficient life.
  • Distressed eleventh House clues towards a plausibility of misfortunes because of mishaps, burglaries and so forth.


Terrible impacts of Mars or 'Mangal Dosh'


Situation of Mars in various houses:


  • First house means the character of an individual and if Mars is put in the first house, the individual will in general be forceful and irascible. Additionally, it will perspective fourth, seventh, and eighth houses.
  • Position of Mars in the fourth house is viewed as frightful as it will influence seventh, tenth and eleventh house alongside the fourth house.
  • In the event that Mars is set in the seventh house, at that point it will influence first, second and tenth house alongside the seventh house, which symbolizes conjugal life or the local's association with their accomplice. Position of Mars in this house will give hardships in the day by day life of the local. He/She may experience absence of harmony and success.
  • On the off chance that Mars is put in the eighth house, it will influence second, third, and eleventh house. The situation of Mars in the eighth house implies that the locals should confront pullbacks from their objectives. These individuals will experience the ill effects of disappointments and will hurt others.
  • On the off chance that Mars is put in the twelfth house, it will influence third, sixth, and seventh House. This will feature the way that the individual may go over the edge with costs. Additionally, the nearness of Mars in the twelfth house needs care and compassion between the couple and local's family may need to confront monetary issues.


Killing the impact of 'Mangal dosh'


  • The Mangal Dosha can be irksome yet playing out an assignment to kill it without being careful with its belongings can be considerably progressively risky.
  • 'Kundali' coordinating and distinguishing any kind of 'Mangal Dosha' is an errand that ought to be finished by specialists as it were.
  • A cautious examination of the horoscopes of both the kid and the young lady is significant.




  • Marriage of male and female with Mangal Dosha kills the negative impact.
  • Spot Mars and Rahu together in the horoscope, the impacts of the Mangal Dosha will be killed.
  • In the event that the two Mars and Jupiter are set in the eighth house the impact of blemishes is killed.
  • In the event that Venus is administering the twelfth house and defaces is set in a similar house then the negative impact is killed.
  • Exceptional Pooja ("Mangal Kavacham", "Mangal Upasana", and so forth) should be possible to wipe out Manglik Dosha.
  • Appropriate gemstones dispense with the impacts.
  • Sick impacts of 'Manglik Dosha' can likewise be killed by playing out a 'Kumbh Vivah' (a wedding in the midst of a 'Manglik' and a sacred fig ('peepal' tree)/a banana tree or a Clay Pot) before a genuine wedding.
  • Love Lord Ganesha consistently and present the mantra: "Om Gan Ganapati Namah" multiple times.
  • Spot Mangal Yantra in your home and perform Mangal Prayer.
  • Quick on Tuesdays and present Hanuman Chalisa every day.








These are some broad rules which are demonstrated helpful much of the time. In any case, you are encouraged to counsel a celestial prophet before playing out any of the previously mentioned errands. We (Astro Maitri) won't be answerable for any mishappening by playing out the errands.