Late Marriage In Astrology – Remedies For Delay In Marriage

  • 28 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri


Late Marriage In Astrology – Remedies For Delay In Marriage


Knowing the solutions for late marriage in soothsaying. What are the amazing answer for deferred marriage? Realize marriage solutions for young lady and god to adore for marriage. 10 lal kitab solutions for delay in marriage; lal kitab solutions for marriage issues.


Seventh House   


Seventh House is known as Yuvati Bhava and is answerable for marriage and all issues identified with life partner and wedded life. The seventh House in Kundali is the House of the Spouse and is known as Yuvati Bhava or Bharya-Sthan. The Rashi Lord and Ruling Planet of seventh House are: Tula (Libra) and Shukra (Venus).

The seventh house in your horoscope is associated with marriage. The planet that encourages marriage is Venus. In everybody's horoscope, the rundown of promising planets incorporate Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh) and Moon. The rundown of foreboding planets incorporate Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu and Ketu.

The Seventh House impacts the marriage and conjugal life. Seventh House  speaks to Matters in regards to spouse, husband, organization, outer sex organs, marital satisfaction are related with the Seventh House. It likewise speaks to Spouse, sex accomplice, marriage, infidelity, desire or enthusiasm, nature or character of life partner, sexual association, mystery relationships and adventure.


Seventh House and Marriage and Love


The Seventh House is likewise impacted constantly House or Eleventh Bhavas in this regard. The Second House when set related to the Seventh House demonstrates the mother, father, spouse and children. In such situation marriage brings delight and satisfaction, which is then impacted by the Eleventh House.

At the point when all these three houses second House, seventh House and eleventh House are associated by the benefic planets through any means, it speaks to that the life partner or the existence accomplice will have a place with a regarded family and will have all the great characteristics. In such case, a local will carry on with an upbeat wedded life.


Solutions for Late Marriage In Astrology


In the event that you are confronting delay in marriage, you can practice these incredible solutions for late marriage in soothsaying and Lal Kitab. Understand more: Love Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva. Adoring these two can help you in an astounding way. Love them continuosly for cheerful wedded life. Significantly after marriage, one must love them.


Instructions to adore Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati


  1. During full moon ("Shuklpaksha") period before a Shivlinga in a Shiva Temple, the young lady ought to owe to complete 7 fasts of Monday beginning from first Monday of the full moon. The young lady ought to bring 8 leaves of the Shwetark plant in the wake of venerating Lord Shiva.
  2. Make a plate of 7 leaves and keep in touch with her name on eighth leave. Offer this eighth leave to Shivlinga. Complete the fasts with natural products (Falahar) utilizing the plate made up of 7 Shwetark After all the 7 fasts, offer Shwetark blossoms to Shivlinga.
  3. After marriage, the young lady needs to make a festoon of 108 blooms of Shwetark. Offer this festoon to Shivlinga with her better half.
  4. Love Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi. Offering blossoms and nourishment and banner to Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi guarantees a cheerful conjugal life.
  5. Turmeric or Kesar powder to expels obstructions in affection Marriage – To evacuate the impediment in your marriage blend one tip of turmeric powder or Kesar powder in your water before washing up so as to get early
  6. Feed a Cow to evacuate hindrances in adoration Marriage – Feed two flour cakes ("Aate ke Pade") blended in with one tip of turmeric powder, a modest quantity of jaggery and wet gram heartbeat to a dairy animals on Thursday.
  7. Continuously regard older folks to evacuate snags in adoration Marriage – This brings down the Grah Dosh and makes the planetary positions more grounded for marriage.
  8. Watering Banana Tree to evacuate obstructions in affection Marriage – Offer water to a banana tree and lit a light of unadulterated ghee under the banana tree on Thursday. Additionally, present 108 names of Guru so as to evacuate every one of the deterrents in your marriage.
  9. Dried Coconut to expel deterrents in adoration Marriage – Take a dried Coconut on Tuesday Morning. Gather 300 grams sweet sugar. Crush the sugar. Likewise, gather dried organic products 50 grams of any sort. Do a gap in the Coconut. Fill all the sugar powder and dried natural products in the coconut. Burrow a pit beneath a Peepal tree and put the coconut into the pit. Spread the pit with soil. Rehash the procedure until 7 Tuesday. Try not to rehash the cure during monthly cycle period. Keep quick from Monday night to Tuesday morning. During the fasting pursue quietness as well. Subsequent to doing the cure on Tuesday complete the quick. Expend nourishment and furthermore end the quiet as well.
  10. Manglik Yoga – Sometimes young ladies and young men feel deterrents in their marriage due to Manglik yoga. To evacuate such snags, read Mangal Chandika Srotra on Tuesday and read Sundar Kand on Saturday to expel every one of the obstructions in your marriage.
  11. Dried Dates to expel hindrances in affection Marriage – Take 8 dried dates on Friday evening. Bubble them in water. Keep the water close to your bed in the night. Following day on Saturday after shower take the water and offer the water in any streaming water like a waterway, and so forth. This cure is just for young ladies to expel impediments in Marriage.
  12. At whatever point a young lady visits any marriage work the young lady needs to ask the young lady who will end up being a lady to place some henna in the hands of the young lady who needs to do marriage. This cure expels impediment if any in the marriage.
  13. Banyan (Vata) Tree – Take 108 clockwise adjusts of a banyan tree on Full moon day to evacuate the issues if any in the marriage.
  14. Fabrics of an as of late wedded young lady – Wear garments of an as of late wedded young lady to expel the snags in the marriage.
  15. Cures given here are straightforward and ground-breaking. For a definite cure, you should counsel an accomplished Jyotish as these cures may change individual to individual, in light of their Janam Kundli.