Kartik Purnima

  • 08 Nov 2019
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...Kartik Purnima - Importance of Deep Daan On This Day...

Kartik Purnima

Kartik Purnima is given an uncommon status in the domain of Hindu religion and culture. It is accepted that Lord Shiva executed an evil spirit named Tripurashira on this day and later helped him to achieve salvation.This is the motivation behind why Kartik Purnima is otherwise called Tripuri Purnima in numerous spots. This celebration shows up roughly fifteen days after Diwali, upon the arrival of Kartik Purnima, which is the reason it is known as Dev Diwali. As a rule, the festivals of Kartik Purnima occur all over India, however it is generally prevalent in Banaras and Kashi, arranged in the province of Uttar Pradesh. On this day, terrific celebrations are sorted out on the banks of the Ganges and alongside worshiping Mother Ganga, her Aarti is likewise performed. A large number of individuals over the world flood the banks of Ganga to spectate this exceptional view. They likewise participate in lighting lights and giving them(Deep Daan).

Kartik Purnima: Vrat Muhurat

Kartik Purnima will be commended everywhere throughout the country tomorrow for example Tuesday, 12 November 2019. This promising event shows up each year on the Purnima of Kartik month's Shukla Paksha, which is the reason it is generally known as Kartik Purnima or Dev Diwali in different spots. According to soothsaying, on the off chance that this day agrees with Kritika Nakshatra, at that point it is known as Maha Kartiki. Alongside this, on the off chance that this Purnima or Full Moon falls on Bharni Nakshatras, at that point promising outcomes go to the cutting edge. Since Kartik Purnima 2019 is corresponding with Chandra Bharani Nakshatra, its criticalness increments all things considered.

Give us now a chance to examine Kartik Purnima 2019 Vrat Muhurat.


On November 11, 2019 Purnima begins at 18:04:00
On November 12, 2019 Purnima ends at 19:06:40


Note: This timespan is appropriate for New Delhi territory as it were. 

The Shastras express that on this very day, Lord Vishnu's Matsya Avatar or the manifestation of fish appeared. In this way, lovers take a dunk in the sacred Ganges and give lamps(Deep Daan) on this day. It is accepted that those locals who wash up in the heavenly streams and perform Deep Daan, get the propitious outcomes which must be increased in the wake of performing ten Yagyas or Yajnas. Considering the noteworthiness of this event, it has been given the status of "Mahapunit" celebration by the Holy Trinity(Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva).

Kartik Purnima: Religious Importance

Of all the Full Moons which land in a year, the Purnima of Kartik month is viewed as the most devout. Accordingly, making gifts on this day and doing other altruistic works produces the inflow of positive outcomes throughout one's life. It has likewise been said that if lights are given as a piece of the Tripura Utsav during the night hours, at that point it encourages the local to pick up reclamation from the transgressions submitted by him/her in the past birth.

Kartik Purnima: Associated Mythological Legends

Numerous fanciful legends are related with this promising day. One such Legend recommends that a devil named Tripurasura performed somberness in Prayagraj for a time of one lakh years to build his forces. Because of the negative impacts of his reflection, individuals and the celestial also were scared. In such a circumstance, the gods chose to send heavenly fairies in order to break his severity, however he proceeded with contemplation, which he finished effectively. At last, Lord Brahma needed to show up before him and requested him to request a shelter.

The evil presence Tripura requested the shelter of everlasting status and said that he won't be slaughtered by any human on divine being, to which Brahma needed to concur. Upon the satisfaction of this help, Tripura's forces began to increment and step by step he began tormenting every one of the Gods and Goddesses. In the wake of overseeing the Devlok or paradise, he began to ascend the Kailash mountain, Lord Shiva's habitation, of which the savage Shiva got out Tripura for a double. Blinded by his pomposity and power, Tripura chose to battle Mahadev and the battle proceeded for a time of numerous days. A short time later, Lord Shiva took the assistance of Lord Brahma and Vishnu to prevail upon Tripura. Convictions express that the day on which all the three Lords allowed salvation to the evil presence Tripura happened to be Kartik Purnima due to which lights are lit everywhere throughout the Earth and paradise on this day.

Kartik Purnima Vrat and Puja Rituals

  • According to conventional and strict convictions, it is viewed as favorable to clean up in the Holy Ganga, give lights and make different gifts on this day. Give us now a chance to investigate the strict errands which ought to be performed on this day.
  • Get up promptly toward the beginning of the day upon the arrival of Kartik Purnima.
  • Thereafter spectate the Sun with your exposed eyes and make a vow to watch the quick.
  • Very before long take a plunge in any Holy waterway, lake or cascade.
  • Remember to revere the six Kritikas to be specific, Shiva, Sambhuti, Santati, Priti Anasuya and Shama during moonrise on this day.
  • It is viewed as favorable to give dairy cattle, chariots, explained butter(ghee), grains and so on upon the arrival of Dev Deepawali. The effective recognition of this errand puts a conclusion to the entirety of your money related inconveniences.
  • Starting from Kartik Purnima, watching fasts on each Full Moon and sorting out Jagrans around evening time carries bliss and thriving to the family.
  • Locals who love fasts on this day ought to sort out a Yagya on the banks of a waterway and afterward feed dinners to poor people and penniless.
  • Locals additionally pursue the act of washing up in the stream Yamuna and afterward offering supplications to Radha and Krishna which at last finishes with the Deep Daan function. It carries flourishment to one's family.
  • It is likewise accepted that if a bull or Nandi is given during the fasting hours on this day, at that point Lord Shiva's endowments are gotten.

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