Jupiter in Astrology

  • 24 Nov 2019
  • By Astromaitri





Jupiter is, side by side with Venus, one of the best useful bodies in the sky. It is the leader of Sagittarius and the conventional leader of Pisces. Where it dwells thriving, width, and progress are inescapable, for its motivation is by all accounts to give us reason, push us into the brilliant future, and bring trust, confidence, viewpoint, and gifts. Indeed, even in the weakest of positions, Jupiter is rarely pernicious, and its solitary terrible indication appears through unreasonable desires or a firm, inadaptable arrangement of convictions that puts limits to our capacities and potential accomplishments. Jupiter is huge, and we can nearly envision it wearing a grin. Simultaneously, it is named by the Roman ruler all things considered and appears to run every single other planet, noble and inspired path above natural perception. Its psychological job can be excessively tremendous and assume control over us, causing us to overlook our capacities in the material world. Once grounded it brings success and improves our lives in each zone it influences.


Planet Jupiter


Jupiter is the biggest and most earth in the solar framework with a mass so enormous that it turns with the Sun around a point set outside of it. Its day is amazingly short as it turns unimaginably quick. Generally made of gas and with 67 affirmed moons, Jupiter is really a planet of extraordinary highlights. In light of its solid gravity field, it is frequently observed as the defender of the world as we probably am aware it, for this trademark can turn meteors and space trash off base, and draw in them to its surface so they never arrive at the Earth. Bright mists we see on the outside of Jupiter are nor are thick, and they made out of alkali precious stones. Alongside Saturn, it speaks to the last limit noticeable to the unaided eye, and is alluded to as one of the "gas mammoths."


Jupiter in Astrology     


Mysterious understandings regularly admire Jupiter, and this isn't bizarre thinking about its job in the graph. The helpful idea of this planet gives us expectation and it is no big surprise that we wish to see it through pink goggles, expecting every one of the miracles it will bring into our lives. Each time we approach Jupiter in a horoscope, we need to recall that no travel, movement or heading will cause any inconceivable positive conditions occurring, except if in the event that they are completely bolstered by the potential outcomes seen through one's natal outline. So if Jupiter as of now travels through your seventh house, it may bring marriage or unceasing affection into your life, yet just if there is a potential in your natal diagram for this to occur by any means. In the event that there is no conspicuous association among Jupiter and the seventh house ruler or planets in it in its natal setting, barely ever will these extraordinary open doors it may breathe life into really come.


All in all, every natal graph has a point of security and width exhibited by the situation of Jupiter. It is our instructor and all we decide to learn, just as our arrangement of convictions and feelings that characterize our world. On the off chance that it is set in Capricorn (fall) or Gemini (inconvenience) we can accept that either these feelings are excessively solid or don't gain ground conceivable, or the individual keeps them on a psychological plain, uninformed of approaches to discover an association with material reality. Every issue with Jupiter prompts issues with vision, creative mind, symbolism and the feeling of direction. The best challenge it can bring is an absolute absence of significance and reason in one's life.




Jupiter will be perceived in our lives as astuteness, moral, and our respectable frame of mind. It is our capacity to give from the heart and have confidence in the most ideal future, good faith, and our life reasoning. This is a planet of incredible mass and distance across, and consistently discusses extreme overcompensating of a wide range of things. So for instance on the off chance that it is set in the subsequent house, it will talk about overspending and gorging, much the same as it would in a difficult perspective with Venus. In our body, it represents blood and thighs, controlling the indication of Sagittarius and discovering its magnification in Cancer. The most Jupiter can give covers up in our family and our home, and despite the fact that we principally scan for it outside of ourselves, voyaging and surrounding our lovely planet, its most prominent fortune is by all accounts in directing us toward the sentiment of home found inside our souls.

This planet is our master, the school we choose to visit, our calling and our crucial life brought down on a natural plane. It is pricy, rich, and loaded up with costly things and riches. It represents equity and legal counselors, salvation and refuges, just as all special necklaces and rabbit's feet that we accept secure us and bring us karma. Talking about separations, travel, and goals that are far away or obscure, Jupiter is a device to broaden our point of view and raise our cognizance through fulfillment, development, experience, information and acknowledgment.



With regards to making your Jupiter solid, the Yellow Sapphire gemstone assumes a significant job. The gemstone related with the biggest planet Jupiter even makes it one of the most promising gemstones that are accessible today. At the point when the considerate planet Jupiter emanates a light emission, the Pukhraj stone catches a significant bit of that pillar and gives the advantages of the Jupiter to the wearer. It is accepted that Jupiter has the status of a Guru or a Teacher among all the nine planets that are there. Aside from that, the solid persuasive powers of the planet get inspiration and fortune a few people's lives.

This is the motivation behind why the Jupiter Planet is additionally said to speak to good karma, riches, fortune, conjugal delight, and flourishing. Presently, on the off chance that we talk about making an individual's Jupiter solid, this is done on account of different reasons. It is accepted that the better one's Jupiter, the more intelligence, information, and genuineness they have. Be that as it may, on the off chance that the planet isn't solid in an individual's introduction to the world outline, at that point tumbling from a high position turns into an undesirable reality for that individual.


How to peruse palm to comprehend about planets position?


So as to check the Jupiter's situation in one's palm, take a gander at the pointer and the mount under it. This district speaks to Jupiter on the palm. An approach to recognize a powerless Jupiter is to check the levelness of the mount. In the event that it is to some degree level or if the forefinger is tilting an excessive amount of towards the center finger, at that point the individual is said to have a powerless Jupiter. In the event that numerous lines are mismatching each other around there, at that point the individual has a negative Jupiter. In the event that the pointer tilts outwards, at that point it is accepted that the individual is equipped for acquiring another change the world. An individual who has a straight pointer is accepted to have a positive Jupiter, which makes them proficient and legit.


Manifestations of a Weak Guru Grah:


  1. Poor information
  2. Liver and additionally stomach related issues
  3. Experience delay in marriage
  4. Dry skin
  5. Badly formed body
  6. An individual with feeble Guru Grah will confront familial debates and issues in wedded life
  7. Selfishness and outrage
  8. Experience unsteadiness throughout everyday life
  9. Conjugal issues
  10. Not ready to deal with self-family
  11. Block while beginning some new work
  12. Double character, professing to be somebody else


Indications of a Positive Guru Grah:


Inclination towards singed or simmered nourishments, which may make the individual sick, however the stomach liver still remains in great condition


  1. Positive vibrations
  2. Great associations with compelling individuals
  3. A well-molded body with an alluring character

Solutions for a Weak Jupiter:        


How to make Jupiter Strong? With a solid Guru in the horoscope, it favors riches and shrewdness. It gives higher information, training, mind, and karma remainder to the individual. Jupiter causes an extension in everyday issues that the house where it is put speaks to. It is the coupling factor as well.


  1. Examine a few solutions for Jupiter to make it solid
  2. Watching quickly on Thursday reinforces your Jupiter
  3. Drink sugarcane juice to improve the liver and the stomach related framework
  4. Wearing Yellow Sapphire will help in lessening the impact of malefic Jupiter
  5. Giving turmeric to a strict spot for eight days consistently likewise helps in such manner.
  6. Help visually impaired or crippled individuals
  7. Applying margarine oil on Shivlinga is additionally an amazing solution for beat the malefic Jupiter
  8. Wearing yellow shading in your everyday life additionally makes a difference
  9. Enjoy sacrificial assistance towards others and the general public
  10. Make gifts to little youngsters, father's sister, fatherly or maternal grandma
  11. Show great consideration towards bovines, master, and strict spots
  12. Feed jaggery and gram heartbeat to a dairy animals on Thursdays.
  13. To enable a young lady to get hitched, bolstering jaggery to cows on Thursdays may help
  14. Eat jaggery after nourishment to counteract hyperacidity
  15. Give organic products or vegetables that develop underground
  16. Eat sugarcane, jaggery, and bananas
  17. Apply Kesar tilak
  18. Dealing with a dairy animals likewise improved one's Guru
  19. Give desserts or bananas to vagrants and matured individuals.

Yellow sapphire the stone for Jupiter:


The gemstone speaking to the positive forces of Guru Grah in Vedic Astrology/Indian Astrology and Vedic Gemology is the Yellow Sapphire additionally referred to generally as Pushparagam and Pukhraj.

On the off chance that you are hoping to purchase an incredible Jupiter gemstone, you can purchase regular yellow sapphire gemstone on the web.

In any case, it is imperative to take note of that one ought not to wear Yellow Sapphire without counseling with a prestigious and experienced soothsayer.

Inability to counsel an accomplished celestial prophet before wearing yellow sapphire gemstone to make the Guru Grah solid may cause a few obstacles and may prompt extreme negative impacts throughout one's life.