Face Reading

  • 21 Sep 2019
  • By Astromaitri






The face is the reflection of your own character. God has made each individual with an alternate type of shape, size, and shading. There is no leap forward in the craft of God. Thus, human faces appear to be so unique from one another.

Do you realize that by taking a gander at the essence of an individual, you can really think about his tendency? Indeed, similarly as palm perusing is a workmanship, perusing face is likewise a sort of craftsmanship. Through which anybody can anticipate your future and wellbeing conditions. This workmanship is designated "Face Reading".

These days business connections are occurring on the green or in clubs instead of in the working space. Individuals meet one another and take major choices of their lives. On the off chance that we figure out how to peruse the essence of an individual, we can introduce our musings in a superior manner. When we meet an individual, we will get wanted outcomes on the off chance that we know their preferences. Regardless of whether you are a specialist, socialite or a locally situated individual, you ought to gain proficiency with the procedures of face perusing.

Simply think for some time, if a sales rep peruses the substance of the client and offers administrations as indicated by his advantage, it will be a success win circumstance for both the gatherings. An individual with flame component wants materialistic things. Despite what might be expected, the individual with Earth component picks a thing at a low cost.

On the off chance that a dad goes with the proposition to be engaged of his little girl and peruses the kid's face, at that point he can decide with his ways and outward appearances on the off chance that he can meet the criteria. He will come to have a thought regarding whether the individual is suitable for his little girl or not. An individual of sky component holds the most elevated social obligation. For him, the caring nature holds more prominent significance. In such a circumstance, on the off chance that a young lady with water component comes into his life, at that point his life will be loaded up with cracks. An individual with water component takes a stab at adoration. The individual gets into the downturn zone if not been given genuinely necessary love and consideration.

Similarly as nature is comprised of five components, same is with people. These five components are available in human bodies in various proportions. We can know the component just by perusing the substance of the individual. Knowing the methods of face perusing makes our way basic and simpler. With the assistance of face understanding, we can gain proficiency with any individual's characteristics, capacities, interests, and doubt.

Man's Behavior According to Various Elements:

Earth-An individual with Earth Element is understanding and tied with family customs and duties. He has confidence in reserve funds, plannings, and basic leadership.

Fire-An individual with Fire component gets pulled in towards costly things. He has the hankering for loftiness, social, and prominent life. Such individuals are brimming with annoyance and have a great deal of initiative characteristics.

Air-The individual with Air component is unforgettable to assorted variety. He goes to the spot of novelty, advancement, and development. They can't remain inactive. Great columnists, pioneers and sales reps go under this component.

Water-The individual with Water component typifies the excellence of adoration, enthusiasm, feeling, glad, and chipper personality. They can be effectively affected by adoration. In the event that they get deceived, they before long become a casualty of sadness.

Sky-An individual with Sky component is the ace of high and liberal reasoning. They are progressively disposed towards otherworldliness, reasoning and social administration. They don't prefer to be occupied with family commitments. Their connection to realism is zero and social believing is up to the most noteworthy point.

With everything taken into account, face-perusing is a craftsmanship which makes us fruitful in each field of life. Just by utilizing face procedures, we can dissect the conduct of an individual.

We should discuss the most well-known Bollywood on-screen character Ranbir Kapoor and use face perusing procedures to depict his character qualities.

Face Reading of Ranbir Kapoor




In the event that we read the outward appearances of this on-screen character firmly, at that point the size of his face is of the Fire component. Such individuals are of glorious nature. Open space, mountain, stature, speed, and grandparents are a portion of his method of attractions. A world class living is one of the characteristics soaked up as a part of his character since birth. Such an individual blows up rapidly. Be that as it may, his wide temple keeps him flawless to his morals and old customs.


His hair demonstrates his excited, dedicated, hopeful, adjusted and keen nature. Ranbir Kapoor's eyes have a concealed feeling of harmony, childishness, tension and interest. He likewise realizes how to applaud others. His thick face reflects industriousness and assorted variety in his tendency. He finishes his work with solidness. His long nose demonstrates his adjusting character attribute. He offers regard to everybody. He puts stock in activities than words. The width of his nose mirrors that he will get the help of his family.


Meager lips of Ranbir Kapoor demonstrates that he exploits the correct chance. His pink lips speak to his high wellbeing, adjusted and humble nature. Ranbir's ears are enormous and delicate. Such an individual is the ace of magnetic character. The intensity of hearing, new reasoning and mission for learning are a portion of the characteristics of such individuals. Ranbir Kapoor's ear fire is enormous, which mirrors his insightful, decent and liberal nature.


His teeth are adjusted, which demonstrates his quiet nature. He never feels to baffle anybody. His long wide neck mirrors his physical and mental quality. He is a visionary, adjusted, and energetic darling. Ranbir Kapoor is the universally adored. Such an individual is certain to have accomplishment throughout everyday life. They likewise have concealed characteristics in their comprehension of life. One can never beat such an individual with high virtues and phenomenal characteristics.

Subsequently, the conduct of an individual can be dissected through the methods of face perusing. By getting a handle on full information, we can ace the systems of face perusing that makes our life straightforward, simpler, and worth living.





What's in a face? As indicated by face perusing master ASTRO MAITRI a considerable amount, as we looks at one surely understood countenances to perceive what the antiquated routine with regards to face perusing needs to uncover about them

It's composed all over our countenances … at any rate, that is the thing that a portion of the world's driving face perusers accept. Our condition of wellbeing, character characteristics, life reason and fate – regardless of whether you're a decent kisser – are among the things a gifted example face peruser can decide through this antiquated practice.

Enormous eyes:

Angelina is responsive and touchy, however she has figured out how to shield herself from analysis to a degree by narrowing her eyes. The tight lower top demonstrates a powerful urge for security.


High, wide hairline:

She is glad to disrupt the norms. On the off chance that the hairline comes in additional on your brow, you may have had stricter child rearing and been educated to esteem others' feelings more than your own.


Noticeable, inclining cheekbones:

Solid cheekbones give her a capacity to be definitive and an elevated feeling of pride; the inclination affirms her enthusiasm for various societies, be it the individuals, the nourishment, or simply new encounters.


Characterized "fa-ling", or reason lines (from nose to sides of the mouth):

These indicate a decent feeling of direction throughout everyday life – significant for upgrading life span. Excessively shallow, and one is in risk of skating over the surface; excessively profound, and one is getting excessively dug in or appended either to the past or to material things. Angelina's are about right – however the way that they go underneath her mouth demonstrates some nervousness about ailment or maturity.


Full, wide lips:        

Completion signifies arousing quality and naturalness, and a wide mouth indicates she has a liberal nature. An enormous mouth additionally demonstrates great relational abilities, all of which make her an extraordinary envoy.