• 17 Oct 2019
  • By Astromaitri





Dhanteras – Dhan signifies 'riches' and theras designates 'the thirteenth day'. It is watched two days before Diwali. Otherwise called Dhanvantari Puja or Dhantra Yodashi, it falls on the thirteenth day of the dull fortnight of Kartik Month. The day is vital to business network and homes. Houses are beautified and unique rangolis are drawn on the floor.

It isn't just about material riches however it additionally about the otherworldly riches related with this extraordinary day. The whole happy season builds up the lively state of mind and gets an uncommon event for loved ones to be near one another once more and hang out.

Dhanteras is the development inviting for Maa Laxmi, who is venerated upon the arrival of Diwali. In numerous homes little impressions are painted with vermillion (kumkum) in order to guide the Goddess to our home, when she lands at the doorstep. Earthern diyas are lit on Dhanteras day at night to oust the malevolent spirits.

Bovines are venerated on the day in numerous districts. Therefore nourishing green feed to dairy animals this day is viewed as propitious.

Dhanteras has exceptional criticalness to the business network of India. All Businessmen, gem specialists and corporate houses offer petitions so as to please Maa Laxmi. Particularly the gem dealers commend this celebration in the most self important way in the gold market zones.

There is additionally a criticalness of purchasing new utensils on this day. In any case, abstain from purchasing something with a more honed edge like forks, blades, calfskin things and so on. Purchasing gold and silver gems is viewed as promising on this day. Different things like silver coins, pooja frill, metal, metallic, fiber or wooden icons of divine beings and goddesses can be offered out to precious ones.

Sending Dhanteras desserts to relatives and colleagues is another approach to praise this celebration.

Giving a few prescriptions or eye/ear drops to the penniless individuals on Dhanteras is additionally viewed as promising since this day is set apart with a legend of the doctor of Gods - Dhanwantri Ji.

A child young lady conceived on Dhanteras day is considered as the appearance of Goddess Lakshmi into the house and is viewed as fortunate for the family. At the point when such young ladies get hitched and leave for her significant other's home, they should leave their footprints(with kumkum) at a spot in their maternal home to guarantee that Maa Lakshmi doesn't go out ever.