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Astrology is termed as the study of influence that distant cosmic objects which usually comprises of planets and stars. Astrology helps in predicting the position of sun, moon, stars and planets at time of people’s birth and predict about their personality, attributes, fortunes and about their relationships. Astrology is believe to be the alignment of stars and planets that affects every individual’s personality, mood and environment depending upon when he was born. Astrologer print horoscope in the newspaper that are personalized by the birth date of the people. The horoscopes helps the astrologer to predict about people’s personal lives, determines about their personality and even give them advice, which are based according to the position of astronomical bodies. Astrology has been divided into three categories which comprises of mundane astrology, interrogatory astrology and natal astrology.

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At Astromaitri the aim is to provide best horoscope, Astrological consultancy through our vastly experienced astrologers in India. Our Vedic astrologers are well qualified and holds good reputation, people can talk to them in regards of their fortune by paying minimal amount that too without being traveling anywhere.

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In Astromaitri it is our aim to provide a single biggest platform to Vedic astrologers to be a part of our revolutionary program and share their experienced thought in regards of astrology. All that the astrologers had to do is just to sign up through the astrologer portal and register themselves, then their academic qualification will be verified by our management and once the formalities are done then they can come on board and serve people who ate intended towards availing the services. The services that most of the people opt for includes vaastusastra, tarot readers and numerologist, which are provided through one single platform.


Some of the best Astrologers in the field of Vedic Astrology provide their much-valued services at Astromaitri. Our platform makes it easier for our clients to access the services of our experienced astrologers in an accessible way and user- friendly.

Our Professionals

Astromaitri is the leading consulting service provider when it comes to astrology and related sciences of India. We aid our clients in see the services of some of the leading experts and professionals in this field. Our professionals are striving to provide the largest platform for experts in the field of Vedic Astrology, where they can share their thoughts in the field of astrology and other branches related to it. Our platform is also very user-friendly which helps our clients connect to our team of experts instantaneously, be it at work or home. Not only does our platform provide services about Vedic Astrology, but it strives to provide a place where clients can have direct access to experts in other branches of Astrology, such as; tarot card readers, numerologists, and experts in the field of Vaastu. Through this multi-disciplinarian approach, we are striving to cater to the varied needs of our esteemed clients. Our experts don’t belong to one particular area and don’t speak just one language but are spread all over India and speak more than 11 languages. This is what makes us the best Online Astrology platform in India. Through the synthesis of the finest features of what spirituality and technology have to offer, our primary goal is to offer our clients with an experience that is immersive and enriching at the same time.